Saturday, January 26, 2013

Session 6


Kilborn Blindshaft - Dwarven Fighter
Solaris - Human Ranger
Tima - Human Monk
Lórien - Elf Wizard
Kylaria Delani - Elf Rogue
Marcellus - Human Cleric

The Adventure

The day started out in the tavern.  Lórien was very interested in a new item that Finn came across in his travels.  The Staff of Ruin.  Try as they may,the party was unsuccessful at bargaining for a lower price, so they cashed in some of the gems in their stock and purchased the staff for 1,000 gp.  Solaris also purchased Finn's stock of fire arrows.  As soon as bonded with his new staff, the party set on their way to the Underground Pass.

They were met at the cave entrance by Koftik, their guide.  Koftik had a special gift for Lórien, Marcillus, and Kylaria.  A rare magic stone that offered the owner a chance to greatly increase their AC for a short time.

Just inside the cave, Kylaria found some rare mushrooms.  Two Milkcap mushrooms (5 temp HP) and three Bloodcap mushrooms (+1 to attack).  These semi-magic mushrooms offer a short term bonus to the one who eats them.

Moving further into the cave, Solaris fell trying to get over a gravel patch, and from that point, everyone used a rope to help them across.  At the end of the entrance cave, there was a drawbridge.  A quick arrow to the rope holding it up, and Kylaria snuck across.  The rest of the party was right on his tail, and they lost the element of surprise as they stumbled upon a room full of minor devils.  Two Spinagons quickly fell, but the remaining six quickly summoned another six.

The imps tried to charm Kylaria, who easily brushed it off, mentioning that their mind tricks would not work on an elf.  Lórien stepped in to lay a stinking cloud over the entire room, and took out everything in it.  The fight was quickly over at that point.  Marcillus was clearly looking for more, he only got one use out of his Spiritual Weapon.  Among the loot was an eight ft. plank.  The party grabbed it.

Further to the south, the party came across a pit.  They easily lassoed some iron spikes in the ceiling and swung across.  Well, everyone but the rogue, who fell through the gravel at the bottom of the pit and landed back in the entrance way.  Kilborn couldn't hold his mirth at the Rogue.  Kylaria quickly caught up with  the party and made it across, to the cheers of Lórien.

This was the first time that someone noticed Koftik talking to himself.  When confronted, Koftik had no idea he was saying anything and denied it.  In passing, a few bats were awakened by the light stone the party was carrying, and swept down to bite the party.  It was quickly decided that running through the hallway would be easier than killing bats.

Both Marcillus and 
Lórien searched their store of religious knowledge, but couldn't place Koftik's actions.  As the party rounded the next corner, they all heard a telepathic message, "I'll swallow your soul."  To this, Koftik replied, "The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men."

The next room opened to a large chamber with a 5x5 grid of iron plates on the floor.  Kylaria knew she was in her element.  Lightly stepping on a plate, it opened to a spiked pit.  Kylaria was able to jump back before falling in.  Kylaria moved along, testing he plates, and found a safe route to the other side.  Solaris and Lórien sat back, and discussed the merits of this kind of foolish endeavor, although they were probably happy that someone was taking care of the job (so that they didn't have to do it themselves.)  Towards the end, an impatient Tima went ahead and fell into one of the pits.

At the far side, there was a portcullis and an old mechanism.  Kylaria quickly determined that there was no trap on it, and opened the portcullis.  After the noisy chain, he listened and heard an unearthly moaning coming from further down the hall.

The source of the moaning turned out to be zombies.   
At Solaris' encouragement, Tima took the front line and charged in.  Tima quickly took some serious damage, but was healed by Marcillus.  The zombie fortitude made them much harder to put down for good.  One of them managed to regenerate three times.  Toward the end of the fight, Tima attacked and dropped Koftik.  The unprovoked attack dropped her alignment to Chaotic Neutral.

In the aftermath Lórien and Kylaria make it very clear that they aren't happy about Tima's actions.  Luckily, Koftik was only unconscious and Marcillus was able to revive him.  Koftik proceeds to get progressively worse as he gets deeper and deeper into the cave.

Following the cave, they come across a series of traps in the wall.  Kylaria manages to disable the first four and Tima set off the last one before Kylaria got to it.  Midway down the trapped cave, there is a forge, kept permanently hot by the lava flow under the cavern.  After the traps, the cave opens to a large room with an alter and a well at the center.  The well radiates arcane magic.  The book describes a set of orbs that control the magical barrier to the deeper caves.  

Exploring the off shooting caves, Kylaria finds an orb to the north, and a pair of trolls to the northwest.  Attacking the trolls, Kylaria's arrows start to shoot off parts of them.  An arm here, a head there.  These animated parts also join the melee and attack.  Near the end of the fight, Tima backs off again to try and grab the orb.  Lórien hit her with a hold person spell from his wand to stop her.  When the spell wears off, Tima grabs the orb.  With the trolls and troll parts attacking, the fight was looking more difficult.  That is, until Kilborn stepped in and pulled a whirlwind attack.  Dropping a troll and taking out a few arms and in one fell swoop.  He wielded Khamalkhad with such force that it stuck in the last head and chopped it in two.

In the southwest cave, the last orb sits atop a flat rock.  Tima makes an attempt to grab it, and gets hit by a large tree trunk trap.  She tries again, and gets hit with a glancing blow.  
Lórien steps in and blows it off the rock, and Tima picked it up, all the while being castigated by Kylaria about barging along and taking damage when the rogue could do the job quite a bit better.  In frustration, Kylaria steps back to the zombie room to investigate the slippery hole there.  It has a slight magic aura, and exits back in the cave, near the portcullis.

As he is investigating, Tima tries to destroy the orbs.  No amount of hitting them seems to cause any damage at all, so she melted them in the forge.  This caused the enchantment on the well to break, and it is now a passage to a deeper level.  After the battles, the party decided that an extended rest is in order, and they camp out in the room.


3 Chrysoberyl gems (100 gp each)
81 gp
3 sp

Magic Items:

Wand of Enemy Detection
+2 Arrow of Curing
2 +1 Arrows
1 Magic Eye lens with 5 charges left


Spinagon Room:  1940
Skill Challenge (the pit): 500
Bats: 60
Skill Challenge (the grid): 600
Zombies: 2200
Trolls: 1600
Total XP: 7400
Per Person: 1233

Total Campaign XP per person: 5983


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