Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wand of Negation

Wand of Negation

This obsidian wand is heavier than it looks.  With a wave if this wand, magical effects unravel and melt away.
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 100 feet
Duration: Instantaneous
Property: Choose one magic item. All the item’s magical properties are suppressed for 1d4 rounds, after which the item recovers on its own. A suppressed item becomes nonmagical for the duration of the effect. An interdimensional interface (such as a bag of holding) is temporarily closed. A magic item’s physical properties are unchanged: A suppressed magic sword is still a sword (a masterwork sword, in fact). Artifacts and deities are unaffected by mortal magic such as this.

Rarity:  Rare

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Session 29


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf DruidGrimthain - Dwarf Cleric
Vincent - Human Paladin

Bruce - Forest Gnome Rogue

The Adventure

Our adventuring day started off at the defiled Sacred Grove.  As the party traveled north up the river, they succumbed to a shared dream.  A huge storm giant attacked from the east.  Then a red dragon joined the fray, followed by a huge beholder.  When all the PCs died, they woke up in a cold sweat, the last memory of the dream being a huge black rabbit with three old crones riding on it.  They were laughing as they rode off into the distance.

Heading further north, the party came across an Inn in the forest.  The Blue Lion Tavern is a well known rest stop for loggers and miners who work in the area.  The bartender was a rare sight in the land, an half-orc named Korgak.  He happily went about his business washing glasses behind the counter and serving up whiskey to Grimthain.  He was both happy and surprised to see the sheer amount of flasks that Grim was carrying on him as he filled each of them.

Topping off the bag of holding was shot down by Lórien though.  Either he didn't want everything to get wet, or he didn't like the idea of salty whiskey.  

To be continued.  (I wrote this a few days ago, and might not have time to finish, just wanted to get a slight update in.)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Important video update

Just because I can.  (And I needed something completely different to celebrate my 100th post on this blog)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Session 28


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Grimthain - Dwarf Cleric
Cad - Human Monk
Vincent - Human Paladin

The Adventure

Regrouping to enter the vault of the Uzrivoy, the Ship of Earth and Sea, the party headed back into the chamber.  Cautiously, they searched further into the tomb, and glanced on the sarcophagus they found there.  It was huge, with a bas-relief carving of an elephant headed humanoid.

Searching the rest of the room Thea found two of the urns gave off a dweomer of magic.  Cad looted the rest, and saved the cursed urns for last.  The first she opened was the shake shaped one.  Instantly, the room filled with a magical cloud of poisonous gas.  Noticing that effect, she stepped back and smashed the last urn with her hat.  A great ghostly raven emerged and attacked the spot she would have been standing in.

Figuring out from clues that Lórien read, the party then placed the magic orb from the first dead body and the platinum elephant onto the indentations on the bottom of the sarcophagus.  The stone bottom of the sarcophagus vanished to reveal a shimmering curtain of dazzling color hovering above a shroud of translucent red silk.  Cad bent to touch it and got blown back by a huge pulse of radiant damage.

They had found Keraptis, but something had went wrong.  She was double crossed and the curtain of light that should have protected her until she could rise was merely a shimmering trap.  Dragging the body out, Thea sat on it.  Mashing it to dust.  Beneath the resting place, the party found a vast amount of loot, both magical and mundane.

The last thing to explore was the huge iron door at the back of the room.  Cad placed the orb from the sarcophagus in the indentation and was grazed by the door as it slammed down.  Inside was a huge moth eaten tapestry covering numerous items.  It first appeared to be a treasure vault, but on closer inspection, the 9 chests of gold were just full of gold plated copper.

The room had some interesting statues.  When not looking at them directly, they appeared to move.  They were the first things that smashed, as the party found them to be unsettling.  Casting detect magic, Thea found many magic items, but Grimthain saw through the enchantments.  Instead of being magic items, they were just enchanted to appear that way.

The most interesting thing in the room was a book that appeared to be of a mildly interesting topic to everyone who glanced at it.  Cad paged through the cursed Vacuous Grimoire, and managed to make her savings throws to avoid the curse.  Lórien tossed it into the water.  Having finished the adventure and found the true nature of the Necromancer's tomb, the party headed to the Ship of Earth and Stone. Donning the silver necklace, Cad immediately knew that this artifact was Uzrivoy, a magical vessel.

She piloted it through the cave to the fallen searchers, and then outside.  The party headed for Galaq, the town of men.  While there, Cad began to relentlessly challenge the dwarves to drinking matches.  Her alignment slowly moving from lawful evil to chaotic.  On the second night, Lórien, with the aid of his allies, cast phantasmal force on the sleeping Cad.  The party dragged her into the tavern and absconded with Uzrivoy.  They had had enough of the monk sneaking off, and Vincent was especially unhappy about the ruse concerning the belt.

Needless to say, Cad was unhappy when she woke the next morning.  Cad killed everyone in the tavern, then donned the black outfit she had commissioned when they arrived in town, and killed the tailor.  Moving on she questioned and killed the guards.  In frustration, she killed the entire town.  That day will go down in history as the massacre of Galaq.  Luckily (or maybe not so much), Cad never realized that the gloves she thought were Gauntlets of Ogre Strength were actually cursed gauntlets of fumbling.

Meanwhile, the party (sans Cad) arrived at the Sacred Grove that Theavaera learned about from one of the tomes found in the Necromancer's tomb.  The Grove had become poisoned.  The source was an inky black pool of water.  On searching it, Thea learned that it was fed by a spring at the bottom.  Tracing the spring, she found that it led to a river, also tainted by the same evilness that poisoned the grove.

This concludes our adventuring day.  (Check the loot, correct me if I am wrong, but I think Grimthain scoffed at the sp and cp and left them behind.  All the stuff left behind is in italics.)


500 pp.
50 tiger-eye agates (10 gp each).
1,000 cp
1,000 sp
1,000 lead pieces painted gold (no value)
Forty pieces of cut glass (5 sp each) that look like 100 gp gems
50 Cat’s-eye agates (10 gp each)
24 Platinum ingots (500 gp each)
2 Fire opals (1,000 gp each)
Black opal (1,000 gp)
Jacinth (5,000 gp)
Ruby (5,000 gp)
7 Pink corals (100 gp each)
2 Deep blue spinels (500 gp each)
2 Peridots (500 gp each)
7000 gp in various jewelry

Magic Items:

Staff of Earth and Stone
Ring of wizardry
Frostbrand longsword
Deep red sapphire ioun stone
Pale lavender ellipsoid ioun stone
An ivory scroll tube (worth 125 gp) containing the following scrolls: raise dead, remove curse, telekinesis, dominate person, lesser restoration, and commune.
Scroll of dimension door
Scroll of polymorph
5 Potions of healing
Potion of heroism

Friday, July 5, 2013

Session 27

Howdy guys.  Been a hell of a week.  I am just going to post the loot for last session so I can get to preparing tomorrow's session.  Not listed is the ship of earth and sea, an ancient artifact that you came across at the end of last session.  You also came across another clue:


Gem of seeing (See magic item pdf)
Scroll of cone of cold
Scroll of raise dead
Scroll of waterbreathing
Potion of displacement
Potion of neutralize poison
Potion of remove curse
Potion of strength
A silver necklace

Mundane Loot:

764 gp
412 pp
Carved jade tiles (900 gp)
Silver lettering from a coffin (40 gp)
2 Ancient gold coins (worth 50 gp tp a collector, or 1 gp each to anyone else)
Fire opal (1000 gp)
Silver-filigreed walnut box (850 gp)
2 gold candilabra (700 gp each)
4 Silver coffin handles( 50 gp each)
4 Platinum bracelets (400 gp each)
Gorget (1200 gp)
3 rings bearing the heads of a pig, camel, and a hippo (350 gp each)
Gold circlet (500 gp)
Fanged mask (1350 gp)
Ornate platinum breastplate set with 6 peridots (5000 gp)
Jade and ivory ring (420 gp)