Monday, January 14, 2013

New Developments

After killing the high priest and looting the Temple of Evil Chaos, the party was given a hero's reception when they arrived back at the Keep on the Borderlands.  For two days, the town celebrated.  On the third day, a ragged dark acolyte stumbled into town ...

He was muttering to himself and asked to talk to Kilborn.  The Sargent of the Guard had him put in chains and thrown in jail.  When the party arrived, Kilborn recognized him as the dark acolyte who escaped.  He was barely intelligible, but managed to inform them that a new threat had arisen.  The old High Priest was back, but someone (or something) had reanimated his corpse turning him into a Lich.  In his new form, he proceeded to populate the halls of the temple with the ghosts of his previous disciples.

Castallan, the commander of the keep, offered the use of Khamalkhad, an ancient battleaxe if the warriors would go back and eliminate the threat entirely.

Khamelkhad: This +1 Battleaxe was created by Maxon, an powerful wizard in a far off land. His sigil is visible on the flat of the blade. It glows when within 100ft of amphibians. Anything larger than a tiny lizard will set this axe glowing. A critical hit with this weapon deals an extra 1d12.

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