Saturday, January 5, 2013

Session 3


Solaris Winterblade - Human Fighter (Ranger)
Kilborn Blindshaft - Dwarven Fighter
Suw Mitak - Elven Wizard
Later joined by Shadrag the Bugbear

The Adventure

Tonight's group was made up of a mage, a fighter, and a ranger.  Again a bit smaller than last time, but some timely help from rescued slaves helped them overcome the Bugbear Lair

The party headed back to the Goblin Lair to clear out the goblins and hobgoblins.  Starting in the Hobgoblin Quarters, they marched through the lair and found a prison.  The whip cracks and screams of the prisoners gave the location away.  The two hobgoblin jailers were surprised and quickly dealt with.

The party found a local merchant who was in a stupor, but his wife Anara convinced the party to help them escape with their two guards Eddard and Paul.  The party also freed an orc who made a run for the exit.  They killed a crazed gnoll though, putting it out of its tortured misery.

They moved on and found the common room, and some hobgoblins were preparing for a feast, while others were questioning captured goblins.  Demanding to know why they had attacked.  The hadn't actually attacked, but the previous adventurers had set them up and framed them for the initial attack.

On the way out the party was ambushed by another mixed group of goblins and hobgoblins.  It was a hard fought fight, but they came through in the end.  They headed into town to escort the merchant and his group.  Finn rewarded the party with a small leather sack of 100gp.  He also guaranteed price breaks on any adventuring gear for an entire year.

From there, the party found four more cave entrances.  Two of them were obvious monster lairs, one inhabited by Bugbears and one by Gnolls.  The other two were dark and sinister   The happy message written on a shield and nailed to a tree outside the bugbear lair drew in the adventurers:
Safety, security, and repose for all who enter—welcome!
Come in, and report to the first guard on the left for a hot
meal and bed assignment.”
Tuw cast an illusion and drew out the bugbears waiting in the guard room.  The party quickly dispatched them as they ran by, but not in time to keep them from warning the guards waiting to the southeast, where five more were waiting.  With a whopping Thunderwave, the tide turned and the party pulled through again.  Kilborn was nearly defeated though.  He had to heal for both of his hit dice after the encounter.

The party could hear calls of, "HELP!!" and see an arm waving through a barred and padlocked door.  Searching the guards, the party quickly found the keys and, after some discussion, was split on freeing the slaves.  Kilborn went ahead and released the captive dwarf, and the rest of the party released the two captive humans and elves.  They armed themselves with the weapons of the fallen bugbears and offered to help the party.  They left the three kobolds and the goblin in the room though, to be dealt with later.

To the east, they could hear a growling noise.  Looking through a grate in the door, they saw three more hobgoblins, a gnoll, Shadrag, and a crazed human named Ragnar.  Shadrag looked run down, but was sincere in his desire to help the party.  He is a rebel bugbear who hates the rest of the denizens of the lair.  He joined the growing group for an assault on the bugbear common room.

The party fought valiantly, Shadrag at the front lines.  Both humans, an elf, and Shadrag fell unconscious.  After the fighting, Shadrag, the elf, and one of the humans pulled through, and were able to do some healing.  The party wanted to head back to the keep for a rest, but Shadrag convinced them to deal with the Bugbear Leader.  They found the leader and his mate, and made quick work of the mate, but the leader escaped through a secret passage to the west.  The party finally found the mechanism to open the door, but the leader was long gone.

Peering through the door, into a dark and rough cavern, they saw the numerous dots of light coming off the glow glands of fire beetles.  They quickly shut the door, looted the spoils room and headed back to the keep for a well deserved rest.


117 gp611 sp
2 potions of healing
+1 Shield
Keg with about 20 flasks of oil

Items sold after the encounter:
6 Pieces of silk(20sp each)

Ivory statue of Hruggek the bugbear god (10lbs; 200sp)
Silver Urn (275sp)
Pewter dishes (35sp)
Trade goods worth about 30gp

Total: 1440 XP
Quest XP: 129
523 XP per player, just barely enough to hit level 3

Current party holdings:

2 pp
1250 gp
121 ep
2 sp
9 cp
A chunk of hard cheese
Keg with about 20 flasks of oil
1 Frenzy Bomb - When thrown, allies in the area gain advantage on melee attack rolls until the player’s next turn.

658 “gp” (actually copper coins with a wash of gold)

*All money except the fake gp is kept on deposit at the Loan Bank in the keep

Magic Items:

6 +1 arrows (Currently held by the Solaris Winterblade - Human Fighter)
+1 Shield (Kilborn laid claim to this item)
3 Potions of healing
Potion of invisibility
Wand of binding (Not attuned to anyone)

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