Monday, January 14, 2013

House Rules III

This isn't really a post about new house rules, but I thought I would keep all talk about rules under this heading.

1.  You can make ranged attacks against targets within your weapon's range.  (HTP pdf, p. 15).  This is something I overlooked, and hadn't realized you could range mobs right next to you, so feel free to in the future.

2.  Using Martial Damage Dice (MDD).  This is probably one of the more confusing aspects to both new and experienced players alike.  Basically, every round, you can use your MDD twice.  Once during your action, and once during your reaction.

-Add damage
-Use a maneuver


3.  Wizards can add scrolls to their spell books.  With one hour of concentration and 50 gp for supplies, wizards can gain new spells this way.  (They must of course be spells on their spell list of a level they can cast though).

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