Thursday, January 3, 2013

Session 2

Session 2


Arkhir Wonsur - Human Cleric
Solaris Winterblade - Human Fighter (Ranger)
Kilborn Blindshaft - Dwarven Fighter
Reb Marduke - Halfling Wizard

The Adventure

Tonight's group was made up of a mage, a fighter, a cleric, and a ranger.  Smaller than the last group, but way more effective.  Reb cleaned up when he hit.

Waking up in the Kobold lair, the party headed back to the goblin lair to clear them out.  They were not surprised by the goblin ambush set up outside their cave, and quickly dispatched the waiting goblins.

The party headed into the Goblin Lair and killed off more goblins.  While in there, they were searching the goblin store room when a group of hobgoblins opened a secret door and stumbled onto the party.  It was a challenging fight, but the party pulled through.  They chose to head back to the keep on the borderlands for a rest and to sell off some goods (the loot from the previous session).

After a good night's rest at the inn in the keep, the party headed back to the Goblin lair to clear them out.  They decided to challenge the ogre that they had fooled earlier.  With some incredible attacks, they put him down, and advanced to level 2.

From there, they killed off the goblin leader and headed for the Hobgoblin Lair.  Reb's familiar did not survive the battle, and as Reb was in the middle of the ritual to revive it, the Hobgoblin leader and his guards attacked.  The battle was hard fought and they killed the hobgoblin leader.

They headed to the next room and found the armory.  Dispatching the guards quickly, they looted the armory and returned to the keep.


2 pp
99 gp
99 ep
586 sp
3121 cp

ring (5gp)
bracelet (5gp)
necklace (5gp)
keg of brandy (10gp)
3 casks of wine (2gp each)
keg of beer (5gp)

6 +1 arrows
Potion of healing
Potion of invisibility
Wand of binding

Sold items to the store on the first visit to the keep: 85gp (60 javelins, 1 Necklace with a gem (25 gp), 1 Silver chain  embedded with semiprecious stones (15 gp), 1 bold to silk (15 sp))

Items sold after the encounter:

5 suits of chainmail
7 suits of leather armor
11 shields
6 daggers
1 battleaxe
4 maces
3 longswords
2 shortbows
1 longbow
13 light crossbows
206 arrows
14 silver-headed arrows
180 crossbow bolts
51 spears
9 halberds
(including ring, bracelet, necklace and alcohol listed above)

The shop keepers drive a hard bargain, and offered 674 gp and 8 sp for the lot.

Total: 1090 XP
272.5 XP per player (523 XP until level 3)

Current party holdings:

2 pp
1002 gp
121 ep
1 sp
9 cp
A chunk of hard cheese

658 “gp” (actually copper coins with a wash of gold)

* All money except the fake gp is kept on deposit at the Loan Bank in the keep
*Includes 5 sp from performing and 1 gp cost of room rent at the keep

Magic Items:

6 +1 arrows (Currently held by the Human Fighter (ranger guy)
Potion of healing
Potion of invisibility
Wand of binding (Not attuned to anyone)

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