Sunday, January 20, 2013

House Rules IV

  1. Dropped weapons - If you drop a weapon, it takes an action to pick it up again.  Picking up anything smaller than a dagger is a free action though.
  2. Clerics and spell casting - The rules state that you need a free hand to cast spells, so if you are carrying a weapon and a shield, you can't cast spells.  Since sheathing and drawing a weapon are free actions, it makes no sense to say, "I sheathe my mace, cast a spell and draw it again" every turn.  Go ahead and cast while holding your mace.  If you are carrying a huge load in two hands, you will need to put it down though.
  3. Word of Power - Spells that have the (Word of power) key word are incidental actions, i.e. free to cast, as long as you aren't casting another spell that round.  They can be simultaneously used with a cantrip or other non-spell action.  The list of spells with Word of Power includes:
    • Cure Minor Wounds
    • Bless
    • Cure Light Wounds
    • Sanctuary
    • Shield of Faith
    • Divine Favor
    • Cure Moderate Wounds
    • Cure Serious Wounds
    • Prayer
    • Divine Power
    • Cure Critical Wounds
    • Mass Cure Wounds
    • Holy Word
  4. Breaking up a move - I denied this last session, but after looking into the rules, it is there on p. 12 of 'How to Play'.  You can now move, perform an action, and move again (up to your movement max).  Moving around a monster does not provoke opportunity attacks, but moving out of its range does.

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