Thursday, January 3, 2013

House Rules Part II

1.  Players win on a tie.  That means that if a monster rolls a 17 for attack, and you have 17AC, it is a miss, while if you roll a 17 attack on a monster's 17AC, it is a hit.  No real reason for doing it this way, but it makes it easier to deal with.

2.  Rapid shot can hit the same target twice if it is large or giant sized.

3.  Party holdings are kept on deposit at the Loan Bank in the keep.  Copper, silver, and gold are used frequently, and can easily be exchanged (10 cp to an sp, and so on).  Electrum and platinum are used far less frequently.  The local banker charges a 10% fee to convert electrum or platinum, but he will take it as a deposit if it is left for at least one month.  From the playtest packet:
The electrum piece (ep) and the platinum piece (pp) originate from fallen empires and lost kingdoms, and they arouse suspicion and skepticism when used in transactions. An electrum piece is worth five silver pieces, while a platinum piece is worth ten gold pieces.
4.  Mundane items in good quality can be sold for 50% of the price listed in the Equipment section of the packet.  Most items used by monsters are not of high enough quality that anyone in the keep would buy them.

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