Friday, June 28, 2013

Glittering Necklace

Glittering Necklace
This necklace, on command, emits a ray of brilliant light. The ray may be aimed at one creature within 30 feet; the victim must make a DC 14 Dex save or be partially blinded, suffering a -4 penalty on all attack rolls. The effect lasts for six rounds. The glittering necklace has no effect on undead, however, or upon any creature without eyes (such as a gelatinous cube). If used against a creature with a gaze attack, such as a basilisk, the victim cannot use the gaze for one round even if the saving throw is successful. If used underwater, the necklace has a 10-foot range. It may be used once per turn.
GP Value: 250
Source:  The Book of Marvelous Magic

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Session 26


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Grimthain - Dwarf Cleric
Cad - Human Monk
Vincent - Human Paladin

The Adventure

The party found themselves outside of the Great Mausoleum.  Having seen through the illusion trap enough times, they shrugged it off and ventured through the secret door.  Finding a clue written on a ladle they spotted sitting at the bottom of one of the pools.

Using the ladle, they poured some water on the first pile of mud.  A few seconds later, a golem in the shape of a heavily muscled human with the head of a camel rose out of the mud pit.  The party made quick work of it, and repeated the exercise on the middle mud pit.  This one turned into an emaciated human with the head of a fanged pig.  After dispatching this one, they pored water on the final pit.  A hippopotamus headed human rose from the last pit, but was not aggressive.  It opened the door to the next room, and joined the party (taken over by Lórien).

Following the hallway, the party came across a hallway with five red marble pillars.  Each pillar had a word written on it.  From north to south, "Keraptis," "shall," "vanquish," "her," "foes."  A pool in the chamber to the north had the same words inscribed in the tiles along its bottom.

Sensing a trap, the party cautiously entered the room.  Cad searched and found some treasures, taking the ruby, eyes, teeth, and tusks that adorned the elephant headed colossus (pictured below).

Another scroll with a clue was found in the hollowed out head of a different statue in the room.  Lórien later translated it:

The party triggered a trap while walking next to the the elephant statue, found a secret door, and continued south.  At the end of the hallway was Korobtos' Chamber.  Adorned with eighteen green basalt statues of fly-headed humanoids along the walls, this room had a sarcophagus at the center.

Vincent was struck with a curse that racked his body with pain when he tried to remove the silk covering the body of Koropos, which caused her to jump up and shout, "  How dare you disturb the sleep of the great Koroptos!  You shall all perish!  Prepare to meet your destruction, fools!"  (I don't think she actually said that, and without Lórien to understand the language, you wouldn't have understood it anyway, but it sounded cool).

Needless to say, Koropotos was quickly overwhelmed and met her own destruction that day.  Searching the sarcophagus, the party came across a few potions, scrolls and some worthless smooth pebbles that were enchanted to look like valuable gems.

Meanwhile, Lórien awoke to find himself naked, bound, and gagged.  The prisoner of Cenixil.  Cenixil tried to heal him with a potion, but it turned out to be poison.  Quickly realizing her mistake, she fed him another healing potion.  She wanted him to be conscious when she tortured the wizard.

Deciding that they should probably find 
Lórien, the party backtracked and headed to try and find a way back to the first level of the dungeon.  On their way, the ventured through the low pool at the south of the previously explored moat crypt.  On touching the water, six water elementals appeared.  Theavaera trampled them to begin the fight.  The elementals continued to attack, and Cad ventured further into the pool, where she came across a water crypt.

Touching the water, she released a dread wraith.  Sensing the greater threat (and dealing with the frustration of reappearing elementals, the party followed her.  During the fight, Cad used his ring of blinking and got trapped in the etherial plane.  While there, he saw the glow of Lórien's eye, and phased through the tomb walls to get to him.  The party triggered a trap on the iron door in the room, releasing a cone of cold that also dispersed the elementals.  

Heading back to the lair of the hag, the party found the teleport room, and managed to teleport back to the first level without taking damage from the blade trap in the room.  Theavaera charged ahead and attacked Cenixil with savage fury.  She was angry that her friend was treated so poorly by a creature she had been merciful with.

Cenixil was now a bit more powerful.  She had picked up and attuned the items she found in Lórien's bag of holding, as well as attuning to Lórien's cloak and staff.  Cenixil tried to escape, but was blocked when Thea cast a stone wall in front of her.  The party quickly killed her, and Thea sliced her to shreds.

The Eye of Iban helped guide Cad back to the material plane.  The party took an extended rest, and Vincent was cured of his curse, and Lórien summoned a pseudo dragon.  Theavaera took instantly to the newest member of the party, Ariel the pseudo dragon.

Checking out the mysterious column in the last unexplored room of the first level, Vincent found a key hole, and Lórien opened it with mage hand, avoiding a trap.  A blast from within the pillar created an oval opening that held a hidden coffin.  The coffin was made of a strange purple wood and painted with the image of a beautiful woman with flowing black hair, hands crossed over her chest, eyes closed, and a silver pendant bearing a necromancy symbol around her neck.

Opening the coffin, the party found a dead half-elf, that appeared to have been strangled to death.  The party took the Glimmering Necklace and found another clue:
Thea then proceeded to destroy the coffin and its long dead half-elf.

Double checking the ceremonial chamber, the Lórien waved at the now dead Morgoth.  Lórien mage handed the obsidian dagger, a small box from the alter, and four 4-inch-wide octagonal disks, each with a different necromancy symbol etched on it.  The box contained small snake statuette that appeared to talk, but no one got close enough to hear it.  (I can't remember exactly when you picked up that box, so I winged it there).

This concludes our adventuring day, go ahead and level up your characters to 15.


Scroll of augury
Scroll of cone of cold
Scroll of create food and water
Scroll of cure critical wounds
Scroll of dispel magic
Potion of invisibility
Scroll of lesser restoration
Scroll of lightning bolt
Scroll of phantasmal force
Potion of speed
Scroll of stoneskin
Scroll of thunderwave
Black opals (1,000 gp each) eyes of the colossus
Black pearl (500 gp)
Ruby (5,000 gp) from the colossus' forehead
Sapphire (1,000 gp)
36 smokey blue quartz teeth (50 gp each)

Ornate box of blue steel (50 gp)
Platinum hair pin with a small emerald setting (500 gp)
White ring (250 gp) from Koroptos' finger
A box filled with 125 worthless smooth pebbles covered with illusions to look like tourmalines, pearls, and aquamarines worth 100 gp each, and four larger rocks that appear to be emeralds worth 10,000 gp each
Koroptos' red alloy armor and mace (1500 gp)
Obsidian dagger (15 gp)
Two ornate silver daggers (120 gp each)

XP Breakdown

Current Level:  15 (190,000 XP)
XP til level:  40,000

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ring of Earth and Water

Ring of Earth and Water

Dark red clay, slightly soft to the touch as if not fully baked, forms this ring.
On first fitting this ring to a finger, the wearer feels it squeeze slightly, and gains a vision of a towering earth elemental rising to do the wearer's bidding.
An evil entity of elemental earth and water called Bwimb gave this ring to the Necromancer's order.
Property (Attuned): As an action, you can use one of the following effects.
Water Walk: You can move across any liquid surface as if it were solid ground.
Control Water: Once every ten days, you can choose a 100-foot‐by‐100‐foot area of water or similar liquid within 500 feet of you that you can see. You can reduce or increase the water’s depth by up to 20 feet, to a minimum of 1 inch, for up to 1 hour. In larger bodies of water, a decrease in depth creates a squarish depression in this effect’s area. An increase in depth in a similar situation creates a squarish hump of water. In this case, if the area includes dry land nearby, the water can spill over onto the dry land.
Meld Into Stone: Once per day, you can enter an area of nonmagical stone large enough to contain you and your equipment, remaining within for up to 1 hour. While inside the stone, you have total cover from and are not visible to other creatures. Creatures and objects are heavily obscured to you. If you do not leave the stone before the duration elapses, or if the effect is dispelled or the stone heavily damaged, you are violently expelled from the stone and take 17 (5d6) bludgeoning damage.
Stone Shape: Twice per day, you can touch a stone or stone object with a weight of up to 2,000 pounds (about 15 cubic feet). You can form it into any solid shape, but fine detail isn't possible.
Summon Earth Elemental: Once every ten days, you can choose a point of earth or stone within 25 feet of you that you can see. A Large earth elemental emerges from that spot and acts immediately on the same action, attacking the creatures closest to it other than you. The elemental remains for up to 1 minute, or until it is destroyed. If you can communicate with the elemental, you can direct it to perform actions.
Summon Water Elemental: Once every ten days, you can choose a point of water or similar liquid within 25 feet of you that you can see. A Large water elemental emerges from that spot and acts immediately on the same action, attacking the creatures closest to it other than you. The elemental remains for up to 1 minute, or until it is destroyed. If you can communicate with the elemental, you can direct it to perform actions.
Transmute Mud to Rock: Once every ten days, you can choose a section of nonmagical mud or similarly soft earth within 100 feet of you that you can see whose volume doesn't exceed ten adjacent 5- foot cubes. The mud within that volume turns to sandstone permanently. A creature in the mud when it is transmuted is allowed a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw to escape before the area turns to stone.
Transmute Rock to Mud: Once every ten days, you can choose a section of nonmagical stone within 100 feet of you that you can see whose volume doesn't exceed ten adjacent 5‐foot cubes. The stone within that volume turns to mud with a viscosity you choose (soft clay to quicksand). A creature standing on the stone when it is transmuted is allowed a DC 13 Dexterity saving throw to escape before the area turns to mud.
Water Breathing: You can breathe underwater.

Earthquake: Once every thirty days, you can cast the earthquake spell, using Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma (your choice) as your magic ability.  
Secret:  ?
Rarity: Artifact

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Session 25 - Part 2


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Cad - Human Monk
Vincent - Human Paladin

The Adventure


Ignoring the strange pillar in an adjacent room, the party began to feel a sense of urgency in their need to find Cad.

In the mean time, Cad was busy exploring his new surroundings.  He was teleported into a holding cell on a different level of the tomb.  Looking around, he stumbled onto a crypt.  A large room with a sarcophagus in the center with the words, "Disturb not the slumber of Keraptis".  Sloppily painted on the north wall was the phrase, "Let the chips fall where they may."  Flanking the sarcophagus were two suits of exquisitely fashioned plate armor.  The suits of armor were adorned with odd curling hooks, horns, and other strange fixtures.

Choosing to get out of there, Can came across a cell that had no back wall.  Teleporting through, he encountered a wall of force blocking his passage.  Teleporting over the wall, he came upon another stone face carved into the west end of the hallway.  This one looking as if it was holding its breath.  Cad noticed that the mouth on this one was hinged.

Leaving the stone face untouched, cad ventured south, and encountered a murky glass wall.  Initially, he planned to smash it, but his common sense got the best of him and he blinked through the glass.  He found that the other side was a water filled room that was cold and empty of anything ... but water.

Venturing down to the dead end, he searched and came across a secret door, and followed the hallways through to another crypt, this one surrounded by a moat.  Teleporting across the moat, he found a mummified corpse.  Searching the corpse, Cad found a broad leather belt.  Cad put it on and immediately noticed that his clothes didn't fit properly any more.  That was because he became a she.  It was the Belt of Masculinity/Femininity.  He also found a metal scroll tube that he chose not to open.

During this time, he heard the sound of a humongous thunder clap from the north, but chose not to investigate it.  That was his comrades attacking the hag who inhabited that level of the tomb.

Back to the first level, the party headed to the secret door to the northwest and entered the room.  After some trial and error, they closed the door and touched the Necromancy symbol on the north wall.  They were teleported to another chamber that was identical to the one they were just in.  Searching the room, they came across a secret door to the north and got it open.  This triggered a trap.  A magical storm of swirling blades shot out from the wall and did some major damage.  After the second slicing from the trap, the party decided to high tail it out of the chamber and search for a place to take a short rest.

They chose poorly when they sat down for a break in the next room.  It was the lair of Ulzaada the Hag.  She jumped out from behind a illusionary wall, and surprised Lórien and Vincent.  The party made quick work of the hag, and found that she was only carrying a key ring containing 20 bronze keys.

Heading out, they found the tracks of Cad on the dusty floors of the tomb, and tracked his movement to the secret door.  They opened it, and followed into the large crypt, where they ran into the, now female Cad who had retreated from a huge Mausoleum he encountered further down the hall.

Reunited, the party headed west, into the Great Mausoleum.  It was a huge chamber of white stone with four tiers of burial niches, each one containing the remains of a human sized corpse, clad in moldering rags.  One minute after they entered, the party began to hear a rustling sound, with no apparent source.  A minute after the sounds began, the corpses appeared to stir and get up.  Vincent's channel undead seemed to pass harmlessly through the corpses, and only Theavaera realized that they were just an illusionary.

A minute later the party was struck by a huge psychic blast.  They retreated from the room, and decided to try it again.  This time, the party reformed and tried again.  Lórien failed his check again, and opened a dimension door to the entrance, his unconscious body now rests there.  Morgoth would surely have dragged his master off to the abyss for a lifetime of torture if he had not become a permanent fixture of the magic rug.  Someone is going to regret not killing Cenixil though.  Not to metagame or anything, but she is really going to enjoy some of the more powerful items in Lórien's bag of holding.  The eye of Iban is furious.

Meanwhile, in the Great Mausoleum, Theavaera unleashed a huge insect plague on the corpses, and reduced them to dust.  During the melee, Cad saw that one of the corpses appeared not to move, and on further examination, the party found a secret door at the back of the third tier.


A key wing with 20 bronze keys
Belt of Masculinity/Femininity
One unopened scroll tube

Lórien's unconscious body also has the small box that Morgoth died retrieving.  It contains our first artifact level magic item, the Ring of Earth and Stone.  This ring was made by an evil entity of elemental earth and water.  You will have to retrieve the bag of holding that it is in before uncovering more of its secrets though ...

XP Breakdown

Current level: 14 (170,000 XP)
XP til level:  20,000
Barring a TPK, we will be leveling up at the end of next session.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Session 25 - Part 1


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Cad - Human Monk
Vincent - Human Paladin

The Adventure

Our adventuring day picks up where we left off in Keraptis the Necromancer's tomb.  Rotating the central statue in the Chamber of Alcoves, the party opened the door to the southern room to find a dirt plot.  Cad chose to dig up the loose dirt.  After what seemed like ages, he hit something wooden, the coffin of a mummified corpse.  It held a sealed metal scroll tube and some jewelry (detailed in the Loot section).  The piece of vellum had the following passage written on it:

Next the party rotated the statue to the west and opened the door there.  Inside was a man in rags chained to the wall.  This was the first meeting between Vincent, the Zombie Killer, and the party.  Vincent was a member of the Seeker group who tried looting the tomb a few days prior, and had been tortured by Cenixil, a Naga who lived in the tomb.

After meeting the party, he joined up with them to search for his gear.  Cad managed to teleport through the nostril of enormous stone face carving on the wall, and search the passage.  He noticed a naga in the room at the end of the passage, and turned back.

Turning the statue to the northern, and final door, the trap was made ineffective by a quick mage hand from Lórien.  Theavara lumbered down the hallway after Cad.  Cad was the first to enter the crypt they encountered.  Thea began knocking the covers off, and when the first mummy was disturbed, two giant mummies attacked.  The fight was long, but no one suffered from the rotting touch of the mummies.

On the inner side of one of the mummies wrappings, the following passage was found:
Heading further down the hallway, the party came upon another huge carved face.  This one with its lips pursed as if whistling.  They also felt a soft breeze coming from the mouth.  Someone reached into the left ear, triggering a trap that shut a knife studded gate and sent a gust of wind down the hallway.  Thea and Cad easily resisted the wind.  The right ear contained a green key.

To the south was a huge pillar that remains to be inspected in depth ...

The party followed the northern hallway, and came upon a long pillared hallway.  Midway down the hall was a dark suit of plate armor with curved blades in place of gauntlets.  Closet inspection showed a key hole in the base of the neck and gears at the joints.  The door next to it was magically locked.

Temporarily ignoring the door, the party went forth to confront the naga.  It was an easy fight, the naga surrendered after it was clear she would die if she didn't.  She gave the party details of the surrounding rooms and they let her go, on condition that she did not leave the tomb before the party did.  Why they took the word of a chaotic evil creature is still a bit of a mystery.  Cenixil is probably laying in wait to ambush the party at the opportune time.

Following the stairs to the north, the party found and opened a secret door.  They backtracked to the second secret door the naga told them about, and got it open.  Inside, they were sure to avoid gazing into the cursed fish pool.  Morgoth managed to find some coin and a key at the bottom of the first pool.

Cad ventured down the hallway to the north, and as soon as his foot touched the mosaic symbol on the floor, he was teleported away.  To most of his comrades, it looked like hi was cut to shreds by dozens of swirling blades, but it was in fact an illusion.

Thea took charge and quickly searched the surrounding rooms before heading to the secret door the party had encountered earlier.

In the ceremonial chamber, Morgoth failed to open a small box, and was paralyzed.  Lórien felt a strong magic aura emanating from the box and had had Morgoth pick it up and try to open it.  On a whim, Lórien tossed the paralyzed Morgoth onto the animated rug that adorned the floor.  Instantly, the familiar vanished.  Lórien felt Morgoth screaming over his telepathic link, his familiar was in the rug.  Morgoth drowned, and is now a permanent fixture in the tapestry.

(to be continued)

Green Key
Black Key
Small Copper Key

18 pp
26 gp
105 sp
161 cp
Gold ring with a topaz (250 gp)
Ancient silver piece (5 gp to a collector or 1 gp to anyone else)
4 bejeweled gold phylacteries (1,200 gp each)
4 pair of gold earrings set with tiny sapphires (200 gp each)
4 simple gold rings etched with necromancer symbols (100 gp each)
4 gemstones inscribed with 4 necromancer symbols (bloodstone, carnelian, citrine, and an onyx; 25 gp each)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Session 24


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Grimthain - Dwarf Cletic
Cad - Human Monk
Milo - Halfling Ranger

The Adventure

We began were we left off in the Dracolich's Lair.  The party dragged an unconscious Qesnef along with them to the entrance.  A long discussion was held with the androsphinx, and the party learned that he rather enjoyed his position as guardian of the cave.  While the main group was talking, Cad ventured down the hallway to recover his rope.  
The conversation turned to Keraptis, the Necromancer.  After learning a bit of information, the party headed out for the night and set up camp.  The following morning, they decided what to do with Qesnef.  Theavara remembered an item they had picked up long ago.  A purple candle of truth.
Before the questioning of the ogre mage began, the party beat him sensless.  Not that he was already senseless from being feebleminded the previous day ...
His intelligence restored, Lórien began to question the ogre.  During the questioning, the ogre broke free of his bonds, but was restrained by Theavara and Cad.  With the candle's last flicker, the party had all the information they could glean, and headed off toward town.
In Galaq, Theavara was hit on by a pair of dwarves.  Midway through the evening, a disheveled traveler came into the tavern.  He was a seeker, a member of an ancient and secret group of treasure hunters.  Grimthain bought him dinner and a mug of ale.  The seeker offered to give the location of Keraptis's tomb in exchange for helping retrieve the remains of his comrades.  The party talked with the seeker well into the night, and set off for the tomb in the morning.

Arriving at the tomb, the party saw a dark-gray block of granite with three Dwarven words, the Three Sins of Ruin (treachery, sloth, and foolishness).  They quickly realized that it was an attempt to throw them off when they pressed the letters of one of the words to spell out 'welcome' in common.  The door slid into the earth and the party's ears were accosted with a multitude of wailing voices.  The door closed one minute later, and there was no visible way to get it open again.
The entry chamber had a row of four columns and three pools.  Cad teleported to the bottom of the far pool and noticed a black key.  He also hit a suspended bell.  The bell only served to drain the pool he had already searched.
The four columns at the entrance had the following symbols etched into them:
Lórien sent Morgoth ahead down the hallway to investigate the source of the wailing, and Morgoth came across a room covered in crying eyes.  The wailing was nearly overwhelming in the room as well.  The party quickly learned that the tears were acidic when one of them touched the wall.  Lórien managed to put the eyes to sleep long enough to find a secret door in the western wall.
Following through the door, the party found a room of alcoves.  A central statue and three smaller statues decorated the alcoves.  Searching the far corner, they found a small key hole in the column there.
The walls of the room were painted with fading geometric designs of red, gold, and green.  Cad tried to discern if they had any meaning, but found none.  The party decided to try the key, and upon turning it, three of the statues came alive.  They were actually stone golems.  Theavara went reptilian and did some massive damage to the golems, but could not strike a killing blow.  She lamented over her stolen kills after the fight.
The compartment in the pillar contained some interesting items including a sealed bone scroll tube containing the following passage written on a piece of vellum:
This concludes our adventuring day.


Bone scroll case containing a message written on a sheet of vellum (above)
An ordinary sword and dagger enchanted to appear magical
(Everyone had True Seeing, and quickly saw through the illusion)
Seven amber pieces, five tourmalines, three coral pieces (each gem worth 100 gp)
Two yellow topazes (worth 500 gp each)
Platinum statue resembling the cat-headed statue in the room (750 gp)
Potion of Healing
Potion of Flying
Scroll of Stoneskin

XP Breakdown:

Current level: 14
Total XP: 160,000
XP til level: 30,000
*It might take two more sessions to hit level 15.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Session 22 & 23

We were down a cleric and a wizard the first session and the party decided that they would be best served to wait a day and have the wizard on their side for the final battle against the Dracolich.

The Adventure

Setting off from the great apes and their trainer, the party headed south, further into the cave.  The first thing they encountered was a succession of thick metal doors.  With great trepidation, they opened the first door, the second, and the third.  Thea was ready for a trap.  Her senses proved her wrong though, and the final door opened up to a sunken stone ledge that projected out into a boiling lake.  The ceiling was a rubbery magical forcefield that kept out the waters by forming what they could only describe as a sort of elastic skin of super surface-tension.  The shape of the room was not square, but rather semi-circular, as if a series of hoops were supporting the ceiling.
Thirty feet in,  the corridor widened into a low, dome shaped area with a huge crab in the center.  Easily the biggest crab anyone in the party had ever seen.  On its right "forearm" was a rune-covered copper band.
The party strove valiantly to kill the crab, while at the same time not tear a hole in the field holding back the boiling lake water.  After a long fight, the crab was finally killed.  Its chitin turned to stone.  Finding some loot in a chest, Theavara noticed a sparkling scimitar behind the forcefield.  She felt a strange compulsion to have the sword.
Cad offered to teleport into the water and grab it for her.  he was slightly boiled in the process, but managed to retrieve Greenswathe, the magic scimitar of the druids.
The battle attracted the attention of the Dracolich, who send one of her minions down the cave to check it out.  The Green Dragon, being no match for the party, was quickly dispatched.  From off in the distance was heard a great roar.  This startled Lorien into action and he ran down the cave to join his compatriots.
Moving further down the cave, Thea had her Faerie Fire going ahead of the party, until Lorien cast light and illuminated the room.  The dragons moved in.  Morgoth's invisibility was no match for the poison breath of the green dragons.  He quickly succumbed.  Cad jumped into the center of combat and held his ground valiantly while the rest of the party ran in fear.
Down the hallway, as people gradually shrugged off their fear effects, they returned to the melee.  Dragons began to fall.  First the two greens, then Thea struck the final blow on the dracolich.  Cad was disappointed he didn't get the kill.  Another lost trophy.
Further searching brought the party to a locked door on the western side of the cave.  It led down a hallway and ended at another door.  Opening the door, the party found a doughty halfling warrior.  Milo instantly took a liking to Qesnef, but quickly realized something was not right with the halfling.  The rest of the party was taken by his jovial nature.  Slowly, things became apparent that Qesnef was not what he seemed to be.  The huge two handed sword on the wall, the giant bed (easily big enough for four halflings), and other items around the room tipped off the party that something was amiss.  Lorien tried to dominate Qesnef, but didn't notice he failed.  Qesnef noticed the spell though, and led the party on.
The party had had enough, and engaged combat.  Qesnef proved to be a tough foe.  Casting gaseous form and mirror image, he almost evaded the party.  Lorien fell back to his trusty thunderwave, and quickly turned the tide of the fight.  Thea tried in vain to feeblemind the Qesnef, who was in fact an ogre fighter/mage.  Finally, Thea managed to get a feeblemind to stick, and the ogre lost all of its tactical finesse.  
Try as he might Lorien could not stop the party from dropping the ogre.  Lorien's ring was screaming for knowledge of Keraptis, the necromancer who won the bet with Qesnef, forcing the ogre to be bound for 1001 years in this cave.
Cad and Thea decided to create a short cut though the rock to the cave exit.  They smashed at the rock for a full 4 minutes, and managed to get through.  
This ends our adventuring day.

A wee bit of Metagaming

Lorien held back as the party exited the cave and ventured to the guardian androsphynx.  His ring, demanding that he find the phylactery, the soul of the dracolich, would not let up.  Cast upon cast of Detect Magic were done, but to no avail.  Search as he may, there was no phylactery to be found.  Somewhat downcast, he joined the party at the cave entrance.


Potion of healing
scroll of protection from evil (divine)
Wand of Frost (17 charges)
Belt of the Lions
Helping hand
Gloves of Holding
Ring of Blinking
Ring of Cirulon
+2 Plate armor
+2 huge two handed sword
+2 ring of protection
Ring of mirror image (4 charges)
50 pp
100 gp
100 ep
4 earrings (worth 1100 gp) 
17 assorted gems worth 1,935
2 large emeralds (100gp each)
*If you could make a comment about who picked up what loot, that would be great.

XP Breakdown

Current Level: 14
Total XP:  150,000
XP til Level:  40,000
*Congratulations on gaining a new level

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dracolich loot

The Helping Hand

The helping hand appears to be an iron glove with unusually long fingers, and an iron ring (to tie it to a rope) at the wrist. When given the command word, it grabs whatever next comes into contact with its palm and holds on until told to release it. If attached to a rope, it can be used as a grappling hook that lands silently 85% of the time.
If thrown at an opponent and a successful attack (dex) roll is made, the helping hand grabs its victim's throat, causing 1 hit point of damage in the first round, two points in the second, four points in the third, and so on. A strangulating helping hand can only be removed with a successful DC 16 Strength save.

GP Value: 500
Source:  IMAGINE Magazine 24

Gloves of Holding

The wearer of these gloves may hold onto any other item or creature without letting go. When used in hand-to-hand combat, a normal attack roll must first be successful, but the wearer may hold onto the victim after that, squeezing if desired for 2d6 points of damage per round (plus Strength bonus).  The held victim can try to break free as an action by making a Str save (value = 12 + wearer's Str bonus)
GP Value: 1,000

Source:  The Book of Marvelous Magic

Belt of the Lions

This broad belt appears to be like any other magical belt when first encountered. When it is put on, the wearer gains several special abilities. Wearing a belt of the lions enables one to speak with felines (as per the spell speak with monsters). The felines, from house cats to saber-tooth tigers, view the wearer as a being with a Charisma of 18 (for purposes of reaction checks). Often, the cats give advice or aid to the wearer and may obey reasonable commands.
The wearer also gains the ability to land after a fall in such a way as to minimize physical damage—subtract 3 points from every die of damage incurred from falling, to a minimum of 1 point of damage per die. The belt enables the wearer to move silently as per a thief's ability, with a +1 bonus.
Finally, the belt confers a sort of night vision similar to that possessed by cats. If any light source is within view of the wearer, he can see in the dark as clearly as if he were in broad daylight. Note that this power is not related to infravision; the belt does not allow someone to see in pitch darkness.
Source: DRAGON Magazine 91
GP Value: 1,400

Ring of Blinking

When the wearer of this ring issues the proper verbal command, it activates, and affects the user as if a blink spell were operating upon him or herself. The effect lasts for six rounds. The ring then ceases to function for one hour while it replenishes itself. The command word is usually engraved somewhere on the ring. The ring activates whenever this word is spoken, even though the command might be given by someone other than the wearer, provided that the word is spoken within 10 feet of the ring.
GP Value: 500

Ring of Cirulon

This is a clear, crystal ring that contains flecks of the same color as the dragon that presented it. The ring must be worn on the right hand. It cures light wounds (less than 6 points of damage) completely and heals a mortal wound sufficiently to prevent death (bringing the character up to 1 hit point). The ring is activated by touch. It can be used only once.
GP Value: 1000

Source: Dragon Keep