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Welcome!  On this page, you will find all of the magic items that I created for this campaign.  Each item will get it's own blog post from now on, but will also be copied here to my mini-Encyclopedia Magica.

Acid Arrow

Property:  Found in caches of 1d6, these +1 oddities are highly valued. They transform themselves into a spray of acid when fired, doing 2d6 points of damage to the target, and soaking everything within 15 feet of the point of  impact with acid 1d6 damage and non-magic items must save vs. acid or be destroyed.
Rarity: Uncommon
GP Value: 75

Arrow of Refilling

This arrow is fletched with red feathers, but is otherwise nondescript.
Property:  This talent gives no special effects to a missile when fired.  If left in a quiver, however, it magically creates 1d20 more arrows of the normal type each day.
Source: DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Rules Cyclopedia
Value: 400

+2 Arrow of Curing

Property:  This missile is blunt, and inscribed with a holy symbol. The first living creature it hits every day, it inflicts no damage.  Instead, it cures 2d6 points of damage plus 2 extra points for each magical bonus of the missile. For example, if a 5 is rolled for a curing arrow +2, the total points of damage cured are 9.  The second living creature it hits, it cures 1d6 plus 1 HP per plus.  (ex: on a roll of a 4, it cures 6HP).
Requirement:  Must be fired from a bow.
Rarity: Uncommon
GP Value: 500

Bow of Doubling

This magical bow is made of red oak and with ivory inlays.
Property (Attuned):  This bow offers no bonuses on attack or damage, but it does have the unique property of being able to fire two arrows at the same time. Whenever a nonmagical arrow is fired from the bow, you can spend a MDD to fire a second arrow.  All arrows shot from this bow, whether they hit or not, are destroyed upon impact (or as soon as it is determined that they did not hit) and cannot be recovered.
Rarity: Rare
Source:  DRAGON Magazine 99
GP Value: 800

Essence of Darkness

Source: The Complete Thief's Handbook
Property:  This pure black oily fluid must be kept in tough, light-proof containers, since it is destroyed after one turn in bright sunlight or one hour exposed to daylight. Essence of darkness is pure, concentrated, liquefied darkness itself. It can be used in a number of ways:
• When a dose is swallowed it makes the imbiber's entire body, including hair, teeth, and even the whites of the eyes, pure matte black in color. This can enhance a thief's chance of hiding in shadows as shown below.
• If a dose is diluted in a gallon of warm water, the essence creates a powerful black dye. A gallon of this diluted form can be used to dye clothes and even armor and weapons; one gallon of the dye is sufficient to treat the clothes and equipment of one character. The dye takes one turn to mix and soak into the items and one turn to dry. This process also affects the chances for successful hiding in shadows.
• Essence of darkness is unstable and if a vial is struck by a crushing blow it explodes into darkness 15' radius. A single dose of the magical essence creates a darkness 5' radius if struck.
Body only (wearing normal clothes) +1
Body only (wearing no clothes) +5
Clothes only +4
Both body and clothes +8
Duration:  When swallowed 1d4+4 rounds, when used to die clothing and equipment: 6 hours.
Rarity: Rare
GP Value: 560

Evercool Mug

This mug, made of silver and electrum is always cool to the touch.
Property: Any liquid in the cup always stays chilled.
Aura: A faint aura of conjuration emanates from this mug
Rarity: Uncommon


This curved stiletto is Alakabon of the Legion's favorite weapon, she calls it the eviscerator. 
Property:  +1 on attack and damage rolls. In combat, it can be used to slice the back of a man's hand, requiring a roll at -2. If the attack succeeds, cuts through the tendons, making it impossible for the creature to grasp a weapon. Eviscerator also becomes warm to the touch if a magical trap is within 5 feet.
Source:  Rogue's Gallery
GP Value: 650

Flaming Arrows

These magical arrows, warm to the touch are the bane of anything not resistant to fire.
Property:  You gain a +2 to attack rolls and damage rolls when using these arrows.  These fragile arrows crumble to ashes when used (or, if attuned are consumed in flames).
Property (Attuned): When fired, they burst into flame, doing an additional 1d6 points of damage to the  target, and set fire to all flammables within 3 feet of the point of impact.
Rarity: Uncommon
GP Value:  70 gp

Larmacian Holy Symbol +1

This special holy symbol is composed of an alloy first discovered by the priest Larmac.
Property:  You gain a +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls when using this holy symbol.
Property (Attuned):  The symbol allows priests to become more attuned to their deities, allowing them to receive two additional 1st-level spells per day. Also, any lawful-aligned priest gains two additional questions for a commune spell and has a slightly better chance for success of a divination spell (increased by 10%). The symbol may be used by all priests, but for characters of 3rd-level or lower, there is a 40% chance, each use, that the priest goes insane.
Rarity: Very Rare
Source: DRAGON Magazine 39
GP Value: 2,500

Magic Eye

Property:  This clear, circular sheet of polished crystal is graven all over with runes.  When magical writing is viewed  through it, it allows all intelligent beings to understand the import and subject of the writing. Command words, glyphs, and the like can be clearly discerned, the eye functioning as a read magic spell. This Magic Eye has five uses.  With each use, the eye dwindles in size, until in the end it vanishes altogether. 
     Each '‘face'’ of a page counts as one use, but a being must  read writings through the eye for it to be activated. Merely laying it upon writings does not unintentionally drain the item of charges. Coded or cryptic inscriptions of a non-magical nature do not activate the magics of  he eye, and therefore do not use charges.
     Non-spell casters can identify (but not use) scroll spells by use of this item. Low level spell casters can infallibly cast or copy spells normally beyond their powers by use of an eye.
     A magic eye does not shield a reader from written curses, nor will it penetrate a secret page. It does, however, reveal the existing secret page spell.
Requirement:  Must be literate (only spellcasting classes can cast spells.)

Rarity: Uncommon

GP Value: 50 gp


When the earth was young and the gods of Power and Elements roamed over the mountains, rivers, and valleys, Rhorkhad, in His vision, saw that a hardy race of mortals would thrive in such a place.  From his palace on Ilakasek, he took up a multitude of stones, both precious and rugged, and formed of them the first dwarf.  To this dwarf, he gave the blessed weapon Khamalkhad - Bane of Dwarven Enemies.  The blade is forged of the substance known as Bloodstone, unbreakable and unmarrable, and the shaft is made of mithral.
Property: You gain a +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls.  At level 7, it becomes a +2 weapon, and at level 12, +3.
Requirement: You must be a dwarf to become attuned to this weapon.
Property (Attuned): In addition to the normal enhancement bonus, when attuned this battleaxe glows within 100 ft. of reptiles, and deals an extra 1d12 on a crit.  This weapon scales with the wielder (see above).  
Rarity: Rare

Nebelun's Mace

This bronze mace was crafted by Nebelun and is usually carried by his avatar.
Property:  This is a +1 mace.
Property (Attuned): Any creature struck with this mace is stunned for for 1 round (DC 12 Dex save to avoid), and it also doubles as a wand of wonder (3 charges/day).  At level 7, this mace becomes a +2 mace (DC 13).  At level 13 it becomes +3 (DC 14).
GP Value: 1,200
Source:  Monster Mythology

Potion of Master Thievery

This potion gives the thief a temporary increase in levels if he or she has fewer than 13 levels of
experience. The number of levels gained depend on the thief's level, as shown below.
Level of Imbiber
Levels Bestowed
Added Hit Points
Increase in each Skill
The thief acts as if at the experience level bestowed by the magic of the potion. Damage sustained is taken first from magically gained temporary extra hit points. So far as thieving skills are concerned, the potion affects these all equally by the increase shown. The effects of this potion last for 5d6 rounds.
Source: The Complete Thief's Handbook
GP Value: 370

Ring of Quickness

This ring is made of white gold and has wings stamped around the edge.
Property:  Once each day, the wearer of this ring can move and attack at double normal rates for 1 turn. The effect is identical to the wizard spell haste, but this effect can be produced by command, not by spellcasting.
Source:  DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Rules Cyclopedia
GP Value:  750

Rogue's Key

rogue's key, when touched to a lock, causes the outer casing of the lock to become transparent. 
Property:  This greatly aids the rogue in performing lock-picking skills, adding a +3 bonus to the chances of success.  Note that this key only works on locks; it cannot turn an entire chest transparent in order to see what's inside it. A rogue's key is usable only by a rogue character.
Source: DRAGON Magazine 200
GP Value: 500

Staff of Ruin

This gnarled, jagged staff fits the hand of any wizard seeking to devastate his opponent.
Property: You gain a +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls on spells you cast while wielding this staff. In addition, when you score a critical hit with it, the target takes 1d10 extra damage.
Requirement: You must be able to cast one spell from the wizard's spell list to become attuned to this staff.
Property (Attuned): In addition to the normal enhancement bonus, gain a +1 bonus to damage rolls.
Rarity: Uncommon

Stone of Shielding

Property:  This single-use item is a spherical white stone about an inch in diameter. Whenever crushed, it activates its power, and can thus be unintentionally activated by a fall or attack. A stone of shielding causes a sparkling,  inking aura to spring into being around the creature who crushed it. This aura lasts for three rounds, boosting  he armor class of the affected being by a +6 bonus on the first round, a +3 on the second round, and +1 on  the third round, during which it flickers before finally winking out. Therefore, a mage of AC 12 crushes a stone  of shielding and gains an armor class of 18 the next round. This reduces to AC 15 at the end of the following round, and AC 13 after that.  This item stacks with other effects, like magic armor, rings, and spells.
Requirement:  You must fill out your character background
Rarity: Uncommon
GP Value: 500

Thieves' Tools of Stealth

These magical thieves' tools are a great boon to any thief or rogue. They do not appear to be made of metal, but instead appear to be constructed of a very dark, hard substance, perhaps obsidian. While they are magical, no means of detecting magic can reveal this fact. 
Property:  The tools confer an increase in skill dice to a rogue's open locks and remove traps rolls.
Property (Attuned):  The greatest power of the tools is revealed when they are placed inside their case, and the case is touched to the user's skin. The case magically melds into the individual's body. There the tools safely remain, until the owner concentrates on bringing them to the surface. If a rogue is slain while the tools are melded with his skin, the tools reemerge.
A thief's tool set usually includes the following equipment: one set (universal lock picks, prybar, waxed cord with two hooks and six thin steel spikes. whipsaw, cutters, two small black velvet bags., black leather gloves and mask, iron grapnel with 2·foot shank and end-ring), and 30 gp.
Source: Polyhedron Newszine 82
GP Value: 750

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