Friday, January 25, 2013

Magic Eye

Magic Eye
Property:  This clear, circular sheet of polished crystal is graven all over with runes.  When magical writing is viewed  through it, it allows all intelligent beings to understand the import and subject of the writing. Command words, glyphs, and the like can be clearly discerned, the eye functioning as a read magic spell. This Magic Eye has five uses.  With each use, the eye dwindles in size, until in the end it vanishes altogether. 
     Each '‘face'’ of a page counts as one use, but a being must  read writings through the eye for it to be activated. Merely laying it upon writings does not unintentionally drain the item of charges. Coded or cryptic inscriptions of a non-magical nature do not activate the magics of  he eye, and therefore do not use charges.
     Non-spell casters can identify (but not use) scroll spells by use of this item. Low level spell casters can infallibly cast or copy spells normally beyond their powers by use of an eye.
     A magic eye does not shield a reader from written curses, nor will it penetrate a secret page. It does, however, reveal the existing secret page spell.
Requirement:  Must be literate (only spellcasting classes can cast spells.)

Rarity: Uncommon
GP Value: 50 gp

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