Saturday, January 12, 2013

Session 4 - Part 1

The Gnoll Lair

Kilborn Blindshaft - Dwarven Fighter
Lórien - Elven Wizard
Carithis - Halfling Rogue
Steely - Human Fighter

The Adventure

Choosing the evil they knew, the party headed up the south western face to a dark black cave where they had previously noticed signs of gnolls.  A discussion outside the mouth of the cave drew out the three gnolls on guard there.  The approaching gnolls were quickly cut down, and the party delved further into the ominous cavern.

Further in the cave, Lórien sent his familiar ahead where he noticed another guard room to the north.  Heading east, they stumbled on the gnoll common area, and interrupted the gnolls cooking.  A fight broke out and drew the guards, as well as the gnoll leader and his mates.  It was a long and hard fought battle.  The party re-grouped in the leader's quarters for a quick respite.

While searching the quarters, the came across a secret passage.  Inside was the remains of a hapless adventurer.  Among the remains of his rotting leather armor and corroded weapons he had a pouch of gems and boots of elvenkind.  Carithis put on the boots and kept point.

Searching the end of that tunnel, the party found another secret door that led to the back of a store room.  While searching the store room, Lórien was attacked and engulfed by a gelatinous cube.  Blowing one side of it apart with Thunderwave, he escaped, and the party quickly put it down.

Adventuring further into the cave, they noticed a change in the floors.  This cave was nicer and footsteps echoed off into the distance.  Just north of the storage room was a barred door.  Barred from the outside as if to keep something in.  Choosing to avoid that door, the party entered deeper into the cave, when a voice called out in common, "Who goes there!"  

To be continued in Part 2: the Shrine of Evil Chaos


2 silver armbands (30sp each)
5 silver necklaces (20sp each)
Boots of Elvenkind
12 gems (5gp each)

(All party loot is currently updated on the Party Loot page after every session)

XP: 1490

Per person: 372

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