Friday, February 1, 2013

Larmacian Holy Symbol

Larmacian Holy Symbol +1

This special holy symbol is composed of an alloy first discovered by the priest Larmac.
Property:  You gain a +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls when using this holy symbol.
Property (Attuned):  The symbol allows priests to become more attuned to their deities, allowing them to receive two additional 1st-level spells per day. Also, any lawful-aligned priest gains two additional questions for a commune spell and has a slightly better chance for success of a divination spell (increased by 10%). The symbol may be used by all priests, but for characters of 3rd-level or lower, there is a 40% chance, each use, that the priest goes insane.
Rarity: Very Rare
SourceDRAGON Magazine 39
GP Value: 2,500

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