Monday, April 29, 2013

Conversations with Rhorkhad

After meditating for what seemed like hours, Grimthain felt himself flow out of his body, and opened his eyes to a grand throne room.  Sitting in his huge throne, was the god himself.  He looked down on Grim and had a talk.

"I am pleased with your progress so far my young cleric.  We may yet overcome this threat to my realm.  Bound as I am, I will try to help you and your party the best I can.  I would see the dwarves flourish again as they did on bygone ages.

You are now part of an unbroken line of champions, a thousand Dwarf ancestors guide that blade you posses, use it wisely and with honor.

The demon who you followed into the realm is gaining in power.  He has uncovered some of the ancient relics, and they are now attuned to him, granting him more power.  Killing a god also bound him to this plane.

I shudder to think about it, but that mage you travel with.  I hope he is loyal to your party, he might be your best chance at overcoming the new demon god.  With the loss of the air god, the other god's powers have weakened, and the hold on me is weaker.  That mage might be the only one with the power and the talent to kill off Palelil and assume his position in the Pantheon.  I hope he can avoid the taint that follows him like a shadow, and not succumb to temptation.  Alas, now that his intentions are shielded by the ring, supporting him in that quest gets riskier and riskier.

I see you have accumulated some of the items that the warring tribes are fighting for.  It is best that you kept them.  Those petty chieftains can barely heard chickens, let alone rule the lands.  I task you with reuniting the warring tribes though.  You have my blessing to do as you wish there.  The tribes must be united by any means necessary.

I sensed a change in the Kireini Tower.  Scrying on it only produces a blank spot.  It is now magically shielded from me.  The demon god must be up to something there, it would be the only being with enough power to to that.  The Quem, a vile race of bests must have aligned with the demon.  That is a bad sign, and might mean all out war.  Divided, the dwarves will be easy targets.  You must unite them.

The axe is bound to the hereditary Dwarven chieftains as well, you must obey all directives from them, or suffer concordance.  I can do nothing to help there.  On the flip side, neither chieftain has ordered you not to kill them, but I hope it does not come to that.  Killing another dwarf would also harm your concordance.  You might back persuade Carmine, the leader of the Clan Hikar, to back you as the leader of the dwarves.  They are not as mighty as the Tamar or the Morin, but they are also smart enough to avoid petty infighting.  If you bestow an artifact or two on him, the other chieftans might have no choice but to lay down arms and follow Carmine into battle against the Quem threat.

I must return to my slumber.  Take care adventurer.  Much rests on your decisions.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Session 17 and 18

Members for Session 17

Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Grimthain - Dwarf Cletic
Devin the Mute (Stinkfist) - Halfling Rogue

Session 18

Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Grimthain - Dwarf Cletic

By the end of Session 18, Khamalkhad is pleased.  Grim killed enough giants and made the axe happy.  In the pleased state, once per day, you can call forth an aura of Thunder.  As a free action, once per day, you can call forth the aura, and any creature within ten feet of you takes 15 damage and is knocked prone.  Rhorkhad can now communicate a bit more freely through the axe, and will appear from time to time to give prophetic guidance.

The session began with the party following a few giant lizards down the stairs and unloading on them.  Choosing to avoid the door they found, they headed back and searched the rest of Anforn.  Heading down a circular stair to the south, they found another statue.

Remembering the one that Lórien wanted to attack  from session 17 (that later came after the party), the fight started.  Grim dealt the final blow to both of the stone golums, taking epic damage in the process.

Following further into the dungeon, the party quickly became lost.  The curse of the Minotaur cave they had entered.  The fight was long and hard, but a casting of Phantasmal Force by Lórien ended things quickly.

Venturing further into the dungeon, they found the resting place of Zlntrlkopfr, the Tlengle god.  His gift was +1 to dex and he tough them the ride skill.

Leaving the temple, the party headed back to the first floor and went down the last remaining stair, where they found the demon Glabrezu.  He successfully summoned another Glabrezu, and the fight began.  Things got ugly with wall of blades and a stinking cloud.  The summoned devil was encased in stone, and trapped in the cloud and blades.  The combination was fatal.  While the original headed back, out of the room.

After dispatching the spells, the party followed, and were set upon by Quasits.  They were quickly put down, and the final blow was dealt to the demon, sending him back to the nether realms from which he came.

A quick flight to the temple of Galaq and a search for the shrine to Tito, and the party was talking to 
Ucensio, a priest of Tito.  They learned the word to wisper in the presence of Tito, as well as the two remaining artifacts of the god, the sword Kastapha, and the Silver Arrow.

Kastapha is held by the Quem in Kireini Tower.  It was forged of pearl and ebony, and used by the chief of the human tribe many generations ago.  The Quem are humanoid warriors with fierce body tattoos.

The Silver Arrow is owned by Tanro, the chief of Galaq.  It is said to have been in his family for generations.  It is said to be indestructible and have mystical qualities.

The adventuring day ended with the party flying up north to the High Temple, and making preparations to enter.
Magic Items

Ring of mind shielding
Wand of enemy detection
Potion of dimunition
Potion of speed
Potion of healing

XP Breakdown

Current XP: 108,000
XP til level: 12,000


We need one or two new players.  It might be a good thing to make a process for new players.  There were some interesting people who joined in the very first sessions, but after that it has been hit and miss.  I will open it up on redditt and roll20.  We have two weeks for applicants, so that should be enough time to find some new adventurers.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Iron Crown

Crown - The Iron Crown is a diadem of great value because it is studded with diamonds and only diamonds, giving the polished iron an almost unearthly radiance. The crown represents great wealth.

Crown of Leadership

This piece of regal jewelry is adorned by 10 gems, each worth 100 gp. If any are removed, the crown  becomes nonmagical. The user's Charisma is 18 while the intact crown is worn. In addition, any fear  magical or otherwise) can be dispelled by a single command word, effective within 60 feet. A wearer  may also produce an effect similar to a priest's bless spell by talking to others within 60 feet for one turn.  The recipients gain a +1 bonus to attack and savings throw rolls. The effect lasts for six turns and may be produced twice a day. The wearer's morale is unaffected. This "pep talk" can have effect for as long as six rounds even if interrupted once, as long as the full turn of talking is then completed. 
GP Value: 1,500 
Source: The Book of Marvelous Magic

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Session 16


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Grimthain - Dwarf Cletic
Solaris - Human Ranger
Devin the Mute (Stinkfist) - Halfling Rogue

The Adventure:

There were three big fights this session.  The party chose to go in search of the recently sighted dragon, and found her in a mountain pass.  She was there with three cyclopes.  The fight started rough for Grim, and he was cursed.  Lórien was hit by the dragon's frightful presence, and started running for the hills.  The party ended the curse by killing the cyclops, and Grim rejoined the melee.  Solaris downed the dragon, and things were over quickly.

Moving off the road, the group set up camp, but was ambushed by a crew of rakshasa and death knights.  Thea got hit with hold monster after casting plant growth and spike growth, but the party pummeled their foes quickly.

Heading back to the Delqafi caverns, Morgoth scouted ahead, and found come creatures, a bone devil, and a pack of displacer beasts.  Choosing the displacer beasts first, the party headed down into the depths.  A well timed casting of spike growth in the subterranean halls, and the fight was all but won.  Many displacer beasts died vainly trying to get out of the thorny spikes.

Magic Items:

+1 Oathbow
Eternal Peanut
Claws of the Bear
260 gp

*Notes on the oathbow:  This item has an added enhancement that gives a +1 to attack and damage rolls for normal attacks.  This +1 bonus does not apply to any attacks made against your sworn enemy, ie, you get the normal +3 there, not +4.

XP Breakdown:

XP this session:  39,120
XP per person:  7.824
XP til level: 8,338
Total campaign XP per person:  87,662

Friday, April 12, 2013

Eternal Peanut

Eternal Peanut

This is a peanut
Property:  The eternal peanut can be opened repeatedly to provide up to a quarter pound of peanuts per hour. This is enough to supply rations for two medium-sized individuals.
Rarity:  Uncommon
Source:  DRAGON Magazine 30
GP Value: 500

Claws of the Bear

Claw of the Bear

This minor magical item consists of a set of supple gauntlets which, upon mental command, extrude sharp, enchanted bear claws (the gauntlets save vs. attacks as soft metal).
Effect:  While in humanoid form, a druid wearing these gauntlets has two attacks per round in melee combat. The gloves are +1 weapons, and each inflicts ld3+2 points of damage per strike. Additionally, a druid using these claws may climb trees with no chance of falling and may climb irregular stone surfaces such as mountains and mortared walls as a thief with a base 75% success rate, modified by race and dexterity.
Source: Based on an item from DRAGON Magazine 187

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Session 15


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Grimthain - Dwarf Cletic

The Adventure

We started off the adventure in Phoroshi at the Rusty Nail Tavern.  Grimthain finally met up with Killborn, and was not in a mood to be friendly.  Theavaera stepped in with some diplomacy, and their conversation led to Killborn mentioning he was thinking about giving up a life of adventuring.  Kilborn found a small plot of land and thought it would be perfect for a farm and a beer brewery.

Kilborn turned over his prized axe to Grimthain, with the promise that he would try and unite it with the god of the dwarves.  As Grim touched the blade, a light blue glow started to emanate from it and engulfed Grim as well.  As the axe began to get attuned to its new owner, it gained some new features from the connection the cleric had to Rohrk.

Grim handed over his +1 battleaxe in return, just in case Kilborn needed to defend himself from anything, and the party set off on a quest to find the hops Kilborn would need in his new venture.

On the road, Thea spotted a group of Trimmicks, huge bipedal tree beast.  Thea's knowledge of nature told her that these chaotic evil creatures would not be open to conversation.  It was a long fight.  The Trimmicks animated some of the other trees, but Lórien kept the main group at bay with a stinking cloud while Thea chomped away at them in the form of a T-Rex.

After the fight, Thea found a Draconic Cape in the branches of one of the trees.  Grimthain had a fancy for it though, and out it on.  It is a good thing that the cape cannot get dirty, as Grim seems to enjoy playing in the mud.  Further down the road, Thea found the hops Kilborn was looking for and the party headed on to Kilborn's new farmstead.

With good wishes and a casting of Plant Growth, the party headed off again.  Kilborn promised a beer to the party if they came back in about five months.

Lórien was looking for another spell, and they headed to Tulara.  After a bit of research, he found Haste, and the party headed to Tulara Steak and Ale for the evening.  On entering, they found that the bounty board had a new posting.  A group of lightening tossing giants was raiding the countryside, and decimated the patrol that was sent after them.  250 gp and 3 chickens for the heads of the giants.

In the night an assassin showed up at the tavern.  Lórien noticed him as he tried to sneak into his room, and a fight broke out.  Thea and Grim joined quickly.  Grim dropped the dwarven turncoat, his axe slicing through chainmail and into flesh.  Thea ended things quickly by turning the assassin into a snail.

She could not get any satisfactory information out of said snail though, so she brought it out behind the tavern and dropped it into an ant hill.  Lórien was not so sure that they had gotten all of the information they could from the snail though, so with a quick mage hand he grabbed it and with a truth spell from Grim, they started questioning it again.

They learned that there are roving recruitment camps in the west now.  The enemy is gaining strength. The assassin laughed at the party's threats, and refused to offer any more information.  He was far more afraid of the new Air God than he was of anything the party could do to him.  With a cast of Feeble Mind by Thea, they let him go to wander the woods.

Heading out to track down the giant mentioned on the bounty board, the party found inclement weather.  Thea recognized the work of a storm giant, and they followed the storm to its source.  A huge storm giant and its two frost giant companions.  Things started out rough for Thea.  She was blasted by a critical hit, taking over 60 damage.

The tide quickly changed as Lórien cast the storm giant into a void.  Thea, as a T-Rex, and Grim took down the frost giants and the storm giant did not know what hit him, and was killed before he got the chance bring down even one lightening strike.

Among the loot, the party found a frost giant's belt of strength, thus ending the day's adventure.

Magic Items:

+1 Battleaxe
+1 Short sword
Belt of Giant Strength - Frost Giant type
Draconic Cape of Wisdom +1

XP Breakdown:

XP this session:  32,900
XP per person:  10966
XP til level: 16,162
Total campaign XP per person:  79,838

Friday, April 5, 2013

Draconic Cape of Wisdom

This gleaming cape was crafted by dragons.  Over many years, the green dragon who made it saved up his talons and scales that shed in the process of molting.  The cape was carefully made from those scales.  The talons were used as trimming.  Weaved throughout the cape are iridium, electrum and gold threads, a small portion of the dragon's horde.
Property:  This item grows warm when a dragon is within 100 feet
Property: Gleaming - Dirt and grime never accumulate on this item.
Property (Attuned):  This cape grants a +1 bonus to wisdom.


This axe was make by Rohrkhad, the creator of the dwarves, the axe appears in times of great crisis - often in the hands of a champion destined to save the dwarf people.  This magic axe is a thundering weapon.  
History:  When the earth was young and the gods of Power and Elements roamed over the mountains, rivers, and valleys, Rhorkhad, in His vision, saw that a hardy race of mortals would thrive in such a place.  From his palace on Ilakasek, he took up a multitude of stones, both precious and rugged, and formed of them the first dwarf.  To this dwarf, he gave the blessed weapon Khamalkhad - Bane of Dwarven Enemies.  The blade is forged of the substance known as Bloodstone, unbreakable and unmarrable, and the shaft is made of mithral.
Khamalkhad is taciturn.  It can communicate with its wielder, and does so in gruff commands only its bearer can hear.  It urges its bearer to battle any giants encountered, becoming sullen when refused this honor.

Goals of Khamalkhad

  • Help the dwarves in keeping with their ancient traditions
  • Give goblins and (especially) giants the deaths they so richly deserve.
  • Become an inspiration to honorable people everywhere.

Properties of Khamalkhad

You gain a +1 to attack rolls and damage rolls.  
Crit: +1d12 damage
Deals an extra 1d10 damage against creatures larger than medium size.
Level 7:
Crit: +2d6 damage 
Deals an extra 1d10 damage against creatures larger than medium size.
Level 12:
+2 weapon.
Crit: +4d6 damage
Level 20:
+3 weapon.
Crit +6d6 damage
Deals an extra 2d10 damage against creatures larger than medium size.
Power:  As a free action, once a day, you can call forth an aura of thunder.  Any creature that ends its turn within 5 feet of you takes 15 damage and is knocked prone if they fail a DC 13 Dex check.
Special:  Rhorkhad can occasionally communicate through the axe to give you prophetic guidance or send you on a quest.
Concordance (How the axe feels about its possessor):

Starting score: 7

Owner gains a level: +1d4

Owner is a dwarf: +2

Owner completes a quest on behalf of dwarf leaders: +1

Owner kills a giant (maximum 1/day): +1
Owner or an ally attacks a dwarf (max. 1/encounter): –2
Owner disobeys a directive from dwarf leaders: –2

Angered: 0
Unsatisfied: 1-4
Normal: 5-11
Satisfied: 12-15
Pleased: 16-20

Angered: The Axe becomes a +1 weapon, and the wielder takes a -5 to attack and damage rolls when attacking anything besides goblins or giants. This applies even if a different weapon is used for the attack.

Normal: The axe is reserved and cautious with a new wielder until he proves his worth.

Satisfied: The wielder has proved to be a worthy representative of the dwarves, and the Axe does the wielder's bidding as long as the wielder remains worthy of its trust.
Effect: As a free action, once per day, you can heal yourself, recovering HP as if you spent a hit die.

Pleased: You must pray to Rhorkhad for this information.

Thundering Weapon

You can unleash a clap of thunder when this weapon hits, carrying your foe away on a wave of deadly sound.
Effect:  Once a day, as a free action, deal an extra 1d8 thunder damage, and push the target 5 feet.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Flesh to Salt

Flesh to Salt

5th-level necromancy
Salt crystals form on your fingertips as you open an ephemeral link to the Plane of salt. Your spell summons a spout of salt that fans out from you, essentially sandblasting your enemy.
Casting Time: 1 action.
Effect: Choose a living creature within 5 feet of you.  The target must make a Constitution saving throw. Otherwise, the target takes 6d6  necrotic damage on a failed save, and half as much damage on a successful one. A creature killed by this spell turns to salt.
At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 6th level or higher, the damage increases by 1d6 for each level above 5th.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ranak's Minor Drain

Ranak's Minor Drain

1st-level necromancy
This long forgotten spell drains a small portion of life from a target creature and transfers it to the caster, healing their injuries.
Casting Time (Swift): 1 action.  You can take another action as part of the same action, but not an action that involves casting a spell or activating a magic item.
Effect:  You create an inky black umbilical cord that briefly links you to the target.  The creature takes 1d6+1 damage that heals the caster for the same amount.  The effect is reversed when used on the undead.