Thursday, February 14, 2013

Brooch of healing

Brooch of Aquilla

This item appears to be a decorative brooch made of white gold.  The Brooch of Aquilla was said to be the prize possession of the now dead human ranger named Drimmor. The beautiful, jeweled brooch is said to make a man irresistible to women, and Drimmor was never without an amazon escort.
Mitre – The High Mitre once belonged to the high priest of Rohrkhad. It represents the highest seat of religious authority in Dwarven thinking. The man who wore the mitre was the high priest.
Property:  Once per day, the wearer can cast cure blindness or deafness, cure disease, cure light wounds, and neutralize poison.  Every full moon, it evokes continual light.  It can evoke continual light on command as well.  However, each time an effect is invoked, the user must make a DC 12 Con check or become exhausted for 1d6 turns.
Property (Attuned): Grants a +2 to wisdom for neutral good clerics (+1 to other good alignments). Further, if the wearer is not neutral good, they slowly begin to shift alignment.  The user is aware of this shift.
Rarity: Very rare
GP Value: -
Special:  This brooch is one of the Lost Relics of Tarq.

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