Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Eye of Iban

The Eye of Iban is an artifact left behind when Iban ascended godhood.  The Eye of Iban glitters, much like a cat's eye.  It is an embalmed orb that pulses as if alive, but remains icy cold to the touch.  It retains a remnant of Iban's mortal power - A power with a singular devotion to bringing Iban back to the material plane and establish him as a god.

Goals of the Eye of Iban

  • Spread the word of Iban across the world
  • Wrest secrets from the good and to use those secrets for betrayal
  • Be installed in a powerful arcane spell caster
  • Take over said spell caster to gain a foothold in the world as a living god
The visions from the Eye of Iban were much more vivid before entering the realm of Galaq.  He has far less power here, but the properties of the eye remain.  It can communicate silently with its possessor, and does so on a regular basis.

Properties of the Eye

Property: Gain training in Knowledge, Insight, and Perception and step up skill dice in those skills.
Property: Eye grants darkvision
Property: Grants waterbreathing
Property: When using an attack power granted by the eye, you can use your highest mental ability score (Int, Wis, or Cha) for the attack, regardless of the normal ability score noted for the power.
Power: Clairaudience
Power: Eyebite Cantrip

Power: Dominate Person (at level 9, 1/day)
Power: Mire the Mind (at level 11)
Power: Eye of the warlock (at level 16)

Concordance (How the eye feels about its possessor):
Starting score: 5
Owner gains a level: +1d4
Owner can cast at least one arcane spell: +2
Owner betrays a close friend in dire straits: +1
Owner kills an undead creature: -2
Owner spends 8 hours in the presence of a higher level arcane spell caster: -2

Angered: 0
Unsatisfied: 1-4
Normal: 5-11
Satisfied: 12-15
Pleased: 16-20

Angered: The eye basically uses all of its power to force the wearer to tear it out of his head. It is at war, and wants to torture its host. The eye will randomly attack its host during combat, essentially stealing their action and blinding them. Wis save vs 1d20+host's level to avoid being blinded and stunned.

Normal: You feel the eye's power, and know there is more power to be had if you keep it happy. The eye is setting the terms of the relationship.

Satisfied: The eye begins to release arcane knowledge to the host. You gain +2 to arcana, insight, and perception checks, and gain the ability to fire a beam of necrotic energy once per encounter from the eye doing 3d6+5 damage, Con save vs caster's DC for half.

Pleased: Only arcane research (or a satisfied eye) will reveal the benefits of a pleased eye.


Description: The clairaudience spell enables the wizard to concentrate upon some locale and hear in his mind whatever noise is within a 6" radius of his or her determined clairaudience locale center. Distance is not a factor, but the locale must be known, i.e. a place familiar to the spell caster or an obvious one (such as behind a door, around a corner, in a copse of woods, etc.). Only sounds which are normally detectable can be heard by use of this spell. Only metal sheeting or magical protections will prevent the operation of the spell. Note that it will function only on the plane of existence on which the wizard is at the time of casting. The material component of the spell is a small silver horn of at least 100 g.p. value, and casting the spell causes it to disappear.

Eyebite Cantrip

You glare at your enemy, and your eyes briefly gleam with brilliant colors. Your foe reels under your mental assault, and you vanish from his sight.
Effect: Make a magic attack against one creature within 100 ft of you. On a hit, the target takes 2d6 psychic damage, and you are invisible to the target until the start of your next turn.
Special: If your caster level is 7th or higher, the damage is 2d12. If your caster level is 11th or higher, the damage is 3d12, if your caster level is 16th or higher, the damage is 4d12.

At Level 11: Mire the Mind

You assail our foe's mind with unreal images until he can see nothing else.
Effect: Once per day, make a magic attack against one creature within 100 ft. of you. On a hit, the target takes 3d12 damage, and you and all of your allies are invisible to the target until the end of your next turn. On a miss, the target takes 2d6 damage and the caster is invisible to the target until the end of your next turn.

At Level 16: Eye of the Warlock

You create upon your forehead a mystical third eye and link that eye's perception to the senses of some other creature near by.
Effect: Once per day, as a free action (range 100 ft), you see through the target's eyes. The target is not aware that you are doing so. You have line of sight and line of effect from the target for your attacks. Your spells can originate in the target's square. Each time you cast a spell through this link, a mystical third eye briefly appears upon the target's brow. The target can use an action to make a Wis save to break this link.

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