Saturday, February 23, 2013

Session 11


Solaris - Human Ranger
Lórien - Elf Wizard
Callyn - Human Monk
Marcillus - Human Cleric

The Adventure

The party started off on the first level of the Sea Temple.  While invisible, Morgoth came across a room of water elementals that the party initially chose to leave alone.

Searching the Sea Temple further, the party found stairs going down to a deeper level.  They turned back and found a halway that led to a few rooms full of Sheerims.  They were very similar to trolls.  Marcillus lit off a flame wall and any that did not perish, were blown or thrown in.

Heading back to the stairs, Morgoth went on ahead and instantly started to get telepathic messages, one voice asking for help, and another demonic voice welcoming them to their doom.  Then they heard a demonic chanting, that Morgoth and Marcillus recognized as a summoning spell.

The Ice Demon, Hezrou, managed to complete the summoning ritual and summon a Vrock.  The Ice Demon let off a horrid stench that poisoned Marcillus and Lorien.  Letting out a stunning screech, most of the party was deafened for 10 minutes.  The fight was quickly won though.  As Hezrou died, his summoned Vrock also vanished.  The party recieved a telepathic "Thank you".  The demon had been keeping two mind flayers at bay behind an arcane shield.

The mind flayers entered combat, but were quickly dispatched.  Callyn destroyed the second one with a blinding flurry of blows.  In the loot of the demons, the party found Natal, a legendary throwing axe.  The mind flayers were carrying the hide of an azure shark, one of the only known items of its kind.

Venturing further into the cave, the party came across a group of angry water elementals.  The elementals blamed all humanoid life for imprisoning their god, and attacked.  Both Solaris and Callyn were seperated from the group and took heavy damage before the tide of the battle turned and the elementals were wiped out.  Searching the subterannian lake, Callyn found a huge aquamarind gem.

Heading back to the mind flayer's room, they sent Morgoth ahead down what would be the last stairway of the Sea Temple.  Lórien was afraid of what would happen.  After some discussion, Callyn headed down, and found the frozen god Melmalan behind an illusionary wall.  Lórien fell to the ground in pain when he viewed Melmalan, but managed to get out of the room.  

Callyn remembered seeing a prayer to Melmalan while visiting one of his temples, and whispered it in a low voice.  To the surprise of the rest of the party, Melmalan came alive and offered them a reward.  A permanent +1 to their Chrisma and taught them the swimming skill.  The party also got to ask a few questions.  Melmalan called to the wizard and beconed him in to share in the reward.  The pain was not nearly as bad the second time in the room with the god.

When asked where the Death Mask of Rohrkhad was, Melmalan said that it was guarded by the water elementals on the first floor.  The party resigned to killing them, but they had strayed from Melmalan since his imprisonment, so he would not be offended by their death.

The god froze up and was silent again.  Everyone headed back to the room of elementals they had avoided earlier, and it was a quick fight.  Mordred found a chest, and spirited it off to a side room.  After the fight, Lórien was able to open it with the knock spell, and the lost mask was found.

Heading back to the closest town, the party made it there uneventfully.  While in town, Callyn paid a visit to the local temple to Ziphanu, and the rest of the party accompanied him.  They saw the word 'Furimbor' engraved on the alter there.  While in town, Solaris came across a poster offering a reward for killing a white dragon that was terrorizing the mountains to the west.  The Chief's guard also asked about how the adventure was going and if the party had come across any of the artifacts the chief was looking for.

The party was slightly intimidating and the guard quickly stopped asking questions and backed out of the Frothy Mug Tavern.  Spending the night, the paty chose to ignore the dragon threat and head north to Haraza and look for information at the Loremaster there.

While doing research, Lórien came across some teleportal combinations:
Hataan: Aster, Berat, Otala
Shatlam: Otala, Dunha, Dunha
(Teleportals will be explained in a future post)

He also learned that the secret word to enter Entemar castle was 'Togarnak'.  Entemar is Rohrkhad's castle, and his resting place.  It is located on the island of Ilakasek, an island that is extremely difficult to locate.

While travelling, they saw a group of Rocs in the distance, but hid in the trees, and the Rocs soon passed by.  They were not hunting at the time.

Heading north, the party chose to find the resting place of Hantaknor, the fire god.  They found his church in chaos.  Recently dead bodies were all over, and the doors and windows were broken or destroyed.  Callyn managed to recall seeing the prayer word to Hantaknor in his youth and summoned the god.  He offered his help in the form of a +1 to Constitution and knowledge of fire.  Callyn promised to fight those who desecrated Hantaknor's church, and Marcillus discussed the possibilities of worshiping Hantaknor, and was invited to study at his temple on the southwestern coast.

Hantaknor did mention that the ancient Scepter of High King Komin Madin was in the hands of the demon who came through from the same realm as the party.  It was a race to retrieve the artifacts.

Callyn led the party, following the tracks of the raiders, but to no avail.  They ended at a teleportal chamber, leaving the trail cold.  Having also learned the resting place of Palelil, the Taldor god was just north, in the Dark Temple, the party chose that as their next stop.  Arriving early in the evening, they debated on waiting for daylight to enter, but chose to go on.  

Morgoth unovered a room full of Otyughs.  Firewall after firewall combined with a stinking cloud destroyed their ranks.  The fight drew out a few Ettens from a neighboring room, but the quickly retreated, and sounds of barricading their door were heard out in the hallway.  After the long fight, the party chose to leave the Dark Temple and head to the town of Hikar.

In Hikar

Marcillus had another strange dream while sleeping in Hikar.  Hantaknor and the Lightbringer were having tea and invited him to join them ...

He felt his power increasing.  In the morning, he woke up with the knowledge to cast Flame StrikeMass Cure Wounds, and a strange sensation.  Until that day, he felt the welcome touch of the Lightbringer on his mind when he received new spells.  This day, Flame Strike came with the directness of Hantaknor.


177 gp
10 Silver Pearls (50 gp each)
1 Aquamarine gem (500 gp)
5 pieces of choral (100 gp each)

Magic Items

Death Mask of Rohrkhad
Hide of the Azure Shark


8 Water Elementals 2120
2 Mind flayers 1555
5 Trolls 925
6 Water Elementals 1590
1 Hezrou & Vrock 2210
8 Otyughs 3733
Quest XP 210
Per Person: 12,343
XP til level: 17,363
Total Campaign XP per person: 38637

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