Sunday, February 24, 2013

Palelil, god of the Taldor

“When Rohrkhad created the Dwarves, his misshapen brother, the foul god Palelil, in his jealousy and hatred, created the loathsome race of Taldor.”

Palelil was the watcher of a far distant world, which he destroyed on a whim. He wandered the skies, and came across Galaq while searching for another plaything. He was drawn to the planet Rhorkhad controlled, he was drawn by its beauty.

The Taldor god tried to create the race much like Rohrkhad created the dwarves. They were tainted, however, by Palelil's inexperience with creation. This angered Palelil because it revealed his shortcomings. The Taldor have fought the Dwarves ever since.

Palelil created the a magic axe, called Mukora, for the first Taldor. It is interesting to note that Rohrkhad copied Palelil in making the Khamalkhad, because he did not know anything about weapons of destruction.

Palelil is driven by a hatred of Rohrkhad, and is generally viewed as evil and jealous.

Palelil crafted the Delqafi Caverns.

Palelil rests in the Dark Temple.

There is a shrine to Palelil high up in the mountains to the west of Rulaan.
  • Alter Tool: Gems and gold
  • Color: Green
  • Spite
  • Jealousy
  • hate

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