Saturday, February 16, 2013

Session 10


Solaris - Human Ranger
Lórien - Elf Wizard
Callyn - Human Monk
Marcillus - Human Cleric

The Adventure:

We started off in the town of Kafari.  A farmer came running into the tavern begging for help from the party.  Some dryads had attacked him while doing a bit of logging.  Heading off to investigate, the party learned that the dryads were defending their territory from the farmer, who was cutting down their trees.  The dryads were ready for a fight, but the skilled diplomacy of Callyn helped defuse the situation.

While talking, the party and the dryad were attacked by ghosts.  The dryad fell in the heat of battle, but was revived and healed by Callyn.  Disturbances in the west forced a group of dryads to take up residence in the east, and increased the amount of land they needed.  A new force in the land also was the source of the increasing the number of undead who roamed the land.  As a thanks for being saved, the dryad handed the party a bag of semi-precious gems.

Marcillus tried to divine the nature of the new threat, but was unsuccessful in his attempts.  He realized that the nature of his questions was probably at fault.  Specific questions will grant a more specific reply, general questions ... not so much.

The farmer did not know his actions precipitated the attacks, and had no idea about the difference between ghosts and dryads.  After taking care of the ghosts, the party headed back to town and talked about the situation with the farmer.  Solaris was thinking in terms of bounty hunting, and made the farmer defensive when he asked for payment.  Marcillus and Callyn were able to convince the farmer that they were actually looking out for his interests and not in it for money.  Solaris chose to focus on his beer instead of talking.

Venturing back out to the dryad forest, the dryads agreed to leave the farmer alone if he stopped cutting their trees, and they agreed to provide him with wood from dead trees.  The party brokered an agreement that would help the farmer to free up some time for farming, and decrease the instances of forest fires by giving the dryads a place to leave deadfalls and fallen tree branches.

Heading to the Sea Temple in the south, Solaris, Callyn and Marcillus ventured in.  They were unaware that Lórien had finished his studies and was running after them.  They ran into a rather tough pair of ropers.  Lórien arrived just in time.  Both Marcillus and Callyn were grappled and Marcillus got a particularly nasty bite on the head, knocking him to within a hair's breadth of death.

Callyn was healed and the fight ended quickly.  Ropers are stealthy beasts, and if found in one cavern, you can expect them in all caverns.  When actively hiding, they are extremely difficult to find, and have a nasty bite that can use with advantage to a roped and grappled enemy.


I am fairly sure I hit Callyn with damage when it should have gone to the roper.  That is the only reason I can think of as to why he was at 30, instead of max HP when he got hit by that crit.  Unless there are any objections, I am just going to stop using those light auras to represent light.  They make everything harder to see.


5 Iolite gems (50 gp each)

Magic Items:

Arrow of Refilling


Ghost Encounter:  2400 (800 each)
Ropers:  4000  (1000 each)
RP:  750 (250 each)Quest XP: 200 per character for fixing the dryad problem
Per Person:  2250
XP til level:  12,336
Total Campaign XP per person: 25664

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