Sunday, February 17, 2013

Marcillus' Dream

Marcillus' Dream

You wake up on the top of a mountain. It is so high up that you can see clouds below. An old man with a white beard is sitting on a rock not far away. He beckons you to come closer. As you near him, he says, “Ahhh Marcillus, I see great potential in you. You have the makings of a great man.”

“You are far away from my flock, yet remain steadfast in your commitment. Thank you for your tireless work. Time and distance make it difficult for me to communicate regularly with you, so it could be a long while before we can have a discussion like this again.”

“Other gods have far more power in your current realm than I. It is unfair to you that I cannot grant you more power. I have been watching over you though. It is time that we look a bit closer at our relationship. You need to gain power, and I see that that is already happening, but the more power you gain, the less I can help.”

“I will leave your course of action up to you, but I do have some advice. In time, you will approach a level of power that is close to the gods of your current realm, but you cannot do it alone, and I cannot be there with you. You could be a demigod if the fates smile on your life. Looking over the pantheon of Galaq, I see Hantaknor, the Fire God as a possible ally in your fight.”

“He is a hard god though. And not all together very good. As the nature of fire, he is chaotic neutral in alignment. He accepts followers of all walks though. I am sure that he can help you with your domain spells. Tito is another option for you. He is the Protector of the Weak. He can grant Death Ward and True Seeing as domain spells. Ziphanu, god of the air can grant Divine Power and Cone of Cold.”

“I wish you to ally with another god on your journeys. It is more for your sake than mine. I am not a selfish god. You will always have a place at my side if you reach immortality. Your future could be to bring the word of the Lightbringer to Galaq as a demigod yourself. With the covenants that bind the current gods of that world, you could bring in a new era. A golden third age.”

“From here on out, I can only help you with one spell every time you increase your power. You are on your own to research the rest. You may try to commune with me once a week without failure. Any more than that and I might not be able to reply. Good luck on your journeys!”

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