Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lórien's conversation with the ring

"Hey!  Yo mage!", says the attuned ring.

Lórien awakes from his trance, and wonders about the voice.  "I am Tsubotai.  My soul is trapped in your ring",  comes another telepathic message.  "I know you.  No, we have not met, but I have met many like you.  You are all the same to me."

I have a story for you ...
     Centuries ago, the god wars shook the pillars of civilization and plunged all of Tarq into anarchy.  While established religions fell into chaos, many high level clerics and wizards turned to the ancient writings of Zane, a long dead necromancer.  The gods were active at repressing his insane texts until then, but now, absent their formidable influence, his works began to resurface.  Followers of Necromancy began to flourish, converting numerous people to a bizarre mix of wizardly mysticism and an infatuation with death magic.
     Little information concerning this cult survives today.  It is known that its members delighted in conundrums, disdaining those who failed to equal Zanian mental prowess.  The Necromantic rituals involved evil elemental forces and vile acts.  The cult flowered in the chaos that ruled at the time, and the Necromancers grew wealthy and prosperous in only a few years.
     Not a group to rest on their laurels, the Necromancers soon discovered forbidden oracles.  Many virgins were sacrificed in order to give them a glimpse of the future.  They found a future that displeased them.  It troubled the Necromantic Council.  They met in dark chambers and fiercely debated methods by which to thwart fate.
     They chose to construct labyrinthine crypts beneath the Earth.  There, the most powerful Necromancers would hide in temporal stasis.  Meanwhile, trusted minions would carry on the Necromantic traditions in secret, waiting for the day they could awaken their masters.
     Years later, when clerics of the gods realized that they could gain guidance and help from their patron gods if they visited their resting places, they joined together and hunted down those minions and put them to the sword in what historians call the Great Purge.
Centuries passed, and the cult became little more than a footnote in obscure histories.  Until now, all adventurers who stumbled upon the ancient crypts perished.  I know the location of one of these crypts.  You are the first bearer of this ring I deemed worthy and powerful enough to undertake the challenge of getting in and out ... There is treasure and knowledge undreamed of ...

Pleased Eye of Iban

  • Gain Infravision, but starts to lose normal sight.
  • Take a -5 penalty to diplomacy checks.
  • Gain 1 increase in skill die for Arcana, Insight, and Perception checks and +1 to Passive Perception.
  • Once per day, you can create an aura of clear sight for 50 feed around you.  This aura lasts until the end of your next turn and gives a +3 bonus to all attack rolls, skill checks, and ability rolls.

Orb Spell Learned:

Handfang (Level 2 Necromancy):  You create a fanged, biting mouth in the palm of your hand. 
Casting Time: 1 Action.
Effect:  When you lay your hand upon a creature, the mouth bites it doing 3d6 necrotic damage. If the target makes a successful Dex save, he takes only half damage.
If the target fails it's Dex save, you may start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If you establish a hold, the fanged mouth sinks its teeth into the target’s flesh and continues to bite for additional damage each round until the hold is broken or the spell ends.
At Higher Levels:  When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher,  it does an additional 1d6 damage for each level above 2.

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