Friday, May 31, 2013

Wand of Frost

A frost wand can perform three functions that duplicate wizard spells. The wand can function once per round and may be recharged.
Anyone other than a cleric, druid, or wizard using this wand does so with disadvantage.

Property:  As an action, you can expend the specified number of charges to cast one of the following spells from the wand.

  • Ice Storm (one charge)
  • Wall of Ice (one charge)
  • Cone of Cold (two charges)

*Recharge:  To recharge this wand, it takes 50 residium and access to any of the spells listed above, and takes one full day per charge.

Wall of Ice
Level 4 Evocation

Explanation/Description: When this spell is cast, a sheet of strong, flexible ice is created. The wall is primarily defensive, stopping pursuers and the like. The wall is three inches thick. It covers a 12" square area, i.e. a wall of ice up to 12" long and 1" high, or 6" long and 2" high, and so forth. Any creature breaking through the ice will suffer 6 hit points of damage, fire-using creatures will suffer 9 hit points, cold-using creatures only 3 hit point when breaking through. If this spell is cast to form a horizontal sheet to fall upon opponents, it has the same effect as an ice storm's hail stones in the area over which it falls. Magical fires such as fireballs and fiery dragon breath will melt a wall of ice in 1 round, though they will cause a great cloud of steamy fog which will last 1 turn, but normal fires or lesser magical ones will not hasten its melting.

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