Monday, May 20, 2013

Session 20


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Grimthain - Dwarf Cletic
Milo - Ranger
Cad - Monk

The Adventure

Our 20th session of this campaign was a momentous event.  Filled with intrigue, challenges, and combat.  Our travelers started out in the High Temple, where Lórien received a very powerful spell book, the Book of Infinite Spells.  It remains to be seen if he loans out the book to Grimthain so he can benefit from the Divine spells printed on a few of its pages.

While in the High Temple, the party prayed to Tito, the protector of the weak.  He granted the sense motive skill and a +1 to Cha, and answered a few questions from the party.  Lórien made a deal with him, thinking he got the best of the God, but that remains to be seen.  Lórien is now bound to protect the weak.  There will be repercussions if he breaks the oath he gave to Tito.  No one realized that the protector of the weak may have been the strongest God they have chatted with so far.

After studying at the High Temple, the party headed off in search of the Dracolich that attacked them on the previous day.  They arrived at a large mountain.  Standing alone on the plain in a vast area of dismal moors and tangled thickets.  The mountain itself is an almost perfect conical volcanic hill about 1000 yards in diameter and rising 800 yards into the sky.

Approaching the mountain, the party noticed a force wall barring the entrance, and a rather mangy, bedraggled Androsphinx sitting behind it.  The Sphinx tasked them with a riddle.  Sadly, it was less than challenging, and the party passed without incident.

Travelling further into the cavern, Grimthain failed to notice the green slime under a puddle of water, and had his boots melted off and his feet burned by acid.  His gait was unsteady from that point, and he needs a new pair of boots.  The rest of the party inadvertently avoided the slime by various means.

Following the cave, the party came upon a bound oak door, swollen by the dampness of the cave.  Struggling to open it, the door finally budged, and the party entered the next room.  Once the party entered, the door magically slammed shut.

In the room, suspended from the ceiling were nine glass orbs, each about two feet in diameter.  Lórien got a glimpse of the insides with x-ray vision, and the party started to break them in a search for the key.

The contents were challenging.  From beholders to a magic ring that offered its owner a free wish.  The party put down the creatures who were bound in the orbs and scooped up the loot that dropped from them.  Including some worthless items, like 300 lead coins and cheap glass jewelry.

Leaving that branch for the next, the party stumbled on a cadre of Clay Golems.  The golems were tasked to protect the cave, and gave the party a challenge.  With the numbers 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13, they asked which was out of place, and the timer began.  The consensus that #9 did not belong was reached, and the party avoided combat and gained a servant.

Following the cave, the party came upon a series of copper colored metal plates lining the walls.  The plates created an induction field that superheated any metal that passed through them.  Obviously the creator of this trap did not plan for a wizard who could cast dimension door.  (Grrr)  A party of Quem waited in hiding on the other side for an unarmed and unarmored party to emerge from the induction field.

The fight was over quickly.  The Quem did not fare well.

The net stop was a 30 foot spinning cylinder.  It spins counterclockwise at about 8 miles an hour.  The entire inner surface was coated in a slippery oil.  An alert guard, Burket, watched over the cylinder from a peep hole at the end of the passageway.  He set the oil on fire as the first of the party made it through the cylinder, and a fight ensued.

Burket's lover, Snarla the sorceress put up a good fight.  Her spell book was sadly lost after the fight when someone failed to notice that it was protected by an explosive rune that detonated upon reading it.

Lórien's eye did notice that there was a bit of illusion in Snarla's inner sanctum.  The sweet meats, cakes, and other delicious looking consumables were actually trail rations.  As well, her silken bed and lavish sheets were actually rough strewn burlap and straw tick.

They found a brass bound chest in the corner that Cad tried to open.  In the process, he set off a Stinking Cloud.  They party may think that the chest was empty, or they just may not believe Cad's report of the contents.  After all, why would an empty chest be trapped?

Nearing the end of our adventuring day, the party encountered a strange section of the cave.  There was a spiked pit at the entrance that Grim tried to jump over.  he made it, but hit the floor and slid into another pit.  The room was entirely friction-less.  Morgoth found that the air held no resistance at all after passing the pit, and fell onto the floor and slid into the far pit as well.  Maybe this was the unintended location of the previous dimension door spell.

DM Fiat was used to its fullest extent with this room.  The DM was unhappy no one tried to fly through.

After passing the friction-less room, the party entered the next section of the cave and saw a suspended tube of water.  This stream is suspended in mid-air and enters and leaves through two tunnels, each about six feet in diameter.  The stream only half fills the tunnels.  Objects can be thrust into the streams, but no water other than a few drops will flow out.   The stream flows very quickly from the east to the west, and within it blind cave fish dart about.  It is lukewarm.  
Also in the room are three small two man kayaks (with no paddles).

This is the point where our adventuring day ends.  Much is in store for the next session.


300 Lead Pieces
11 Worthless gems
A few pieces of phony glass jewelry
6 gems (worth 100 gp each)
Gold necklace with a diamond and sapphire pendant (worth 1200gp)
Ring of Flying (4 charges)

Magic Items

Potion of Flying
Wand of paralyziation (1 charge)

XP Breakdown

XP this session: 15,000
Current level: 13
Total XP:  135,000
XP til level:  15,000


  1. BAH! this is proof the DM is biased against me!!! no mention of my character AT ALL, as if everything she did was completely irrelevant!!

  2. At least I didn't confuse your sex this time.

  3. BTW: I never jumped in the pit, I ported across with Lorien :)

  4. Do'h. I forgot to take notes and was just winging it there.