Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Session 19


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Grimthain - Dwarf Cletic
Milo - Ranger
Cad - Monk

The Adventure

  We started the adventuring day travelling to the High Temple.  A monk of Tito chose to accompany the group and the High Temple hired a mercenary bounty hunter to help guard him and the party.

Theavara changed into a mount, and everyone climbed aboard.  On the way there, they saw a large dragon on the horizon.  It started toward them, getting close enough to blast the party with a stream of poison, then turned and headed off towards a distant mountain.

Lórien's ring told him that this was in fact a Dracolich.  He wanted to go after it, but was overruled.  The party headed on to the High Temple.  When they arrived, they found it under siege.  A grooup of Taldor, Quem and Rakshasa were trying to get in.

Plant growth shut down the tactics of the enemy.  The Taldor soon fell, and the Quem and Rakshasa began to fall as well.

After the fight, the Lórien headed off to the research facilities at the temple, and the rest of the group engaged in some training and tests of strength.  Thea was not happy when Cad began punching trees, but they quickly smoothed things over.


Necklace of fireballs (5 pearls)
Scroll of x-ray vision

XP Breakdown

XP this session: 12,000
Current level: 13
Total XP:  120,000
XP til level:  30,000
Congrats on the level up.

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