Monday, April 29, 2013

Conversations with Rhorkhad

After meditating for what seemed like hours, Grimthain felt himself flow out of his body, and opened his eyes to a grand throne room.  Sitting in his huge throne, was the god himself.  He looked down on Grim and had a talk.

"I am pleased with your progress so far my young cleric.  We may yet overcome this threat to my realm.  Bound as I am, I will try to help you and your party the best I can.  I would see the dwarves flourish again as they did on bygone ages.

You are now part of an unbroken line of champions, a thousand Dwarf ancestors guide that blade you posses, use it wisely and with honor.

The demon who you followed into the realm is gaining in power.  He has uncovered some of the ancient relics, and they are now attuned to him, granting him more power.  Killing a god also bound him to this plane.

I shudder to think about it, but that mage you travel with.  I hope he is loyal to your party, he might be your best chance at overcoming the new demon god.  With the loss of the air god, the other god's powers have weakened, and the hold on me is weaker.  That mage might be the only one with the power and the talent to kill off Palelil and assume his position in the Pantheon.  I hope he can avoid the taint that follows him like a shadow, and not succumb to temptation.  Alas, now that his intentions are shielded by the ring, supporting him in that quest gets riskier and riskier.

I see you have accumulated some of the items that the warring tribes are fighting for.  It is best that you kept them.  Those petty chieftains can barely heard chickens, let alone rule the lands.  I task you with reuniting the warring tribes though.  You have my blessing to do as you wish there.  The tribes must be united by any means necessary.

I sensed a change in the Kireini Tower.  Scrying on it only produces a blank spot.  It is now magically shielded from me.  The demon god must be up to something there, it would be the only being with enough power to to that.  The Quem, a vile race of bests must have aligned with the demon.  That is a bad sign, and might mean all out war.  Divided, the dwarves will be easy targets.  You must unite them.

The axe is bound to the hereditary Dwarven chieftains as well, you must obey all directives from them, or suffer concordance.  I can do nothing to help there.  On the flip side, neither chieftain has ordered you not to kill them, but I hope it does not come to that.  Killing another dwarf would also harm your concordance.  You might back persuade Carmine, the leader of the Clan Hikar, to back you as the leader of the dwarves.  They are not as mighty as the Tamar or the Morin, but they are also smart enough to avoid petty infighting.  If you bestow an artifact or two on him, the other chieftans might have no choice but to lay down arms and follow Carmine into battle against the Quem threat.

I must return to my slumber.  Take care adventurer.  Much rests on your decisions.

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