Friday, May 31, 2013


Greenswthe is a strange-looking weapon, arcane and almost alien. It appears to be made of gold, but it is as hard as adamantite. Peculiar arabesques and signs are etched into the blade and decorate the handle. It has a single emerald set into the pommel.
Greenswathe is a neutrally aligned weapon designed for a druid. In the hands of anyone else, it is simply a scimitar +1. In the hands of a druid, it is a +3 weapon that also confers bonuses of +1 to the character's AC and +1 to all saving throws. A druid who possesses Greenswalhe is allowed to cast one additional spell per day in each level he is capable of casting, with the proviso that the extra spell comes from the plant or animal sphere.
Greenswathe has no special purpose, but it does have a special attack form usable once a day: the armor-piercing strike. On command, Greenswathe simply sweeps in an arc through armor as if it did not exist. A target is treated as having no armor, though any magical bonuses are still counted. For example, striking at a target in plate mail +3 that would normally have an AC of 21, Greenswathe attacks as if striking at a target with AC 13 (AC 10, +3 for the magical bonus). In addition, if the strike is successful, Greenswathe inflicts double the usual damage to a small or human size target. A druid picking up Greenswathe instantly has the feeling that this weapon has further latent powers that are currently unknown.
GP Value: 2,000
Source:  Howl From the North

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