Monday, March 4, 2013

Zlntrlkopfr, god of the Tlengle

Say it now and say it loud, I'm a Big Red Lizard and I'm proud! That's what we're taught by Zlntrlkopfr, our deity. He told me, personally, mind you, that as long as I am proud of my heritage, I can be a failure and still demand respect from others.

As Tarq was formed, Zlntrlkopfr, the Lizard God, saw that he was without representation among the races of the land. He created the Tlengle, in his own image and gave to them the islands of Balat and Noromi to dwell upon.

The mighty sword of Zlmnrdra he forged and gave to the Tlengle, that they could righteously defend themselves against the denizens of the wild. Great skill in tailoring and weaving he also gave his children, that they might celebrate their existence with bright and festive garb. Great lovers of lore, poetry and humor they were, despite their large, fearsome appearance. They dwelt on the cliffs of their islands, delving into the face of the rock to create their habitat. Lacking a good source of wood, the Tlengle became ingenious at using plants and fibers to substitute in its place.

Zlntrlkopfr is a giant red lizard. His children, the Tlengle, are also red lizards.

There is a temple to Zlntrlkopfr in Noriin.

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