Saturday, March 30, 2013

Session 14


Solaris - Human Ranger
Lórien - Elf Wizard
Callyn - Human Monk
Marcillus - Human Cleric

The Adventure:

We started our adventure in the Delqafi Caverns, where the group had previously just ended a fight with the Roper Queen and her heard of ropers.  Venturing further into the caves, Lórien polymorphed his familiar into a basilisk, and sent it on ahead.

It ran into the den of a pack of Umber Hulks.  They were quickly dispatched, the final one remaining as a stone statue.

Venturing further in, they spotted a green dragon.  The fight started out rough, with the dragon's breath weapon, but the adventurers quickly overcame it.  Everyone sensed a great evil in the dragon's lair, and Callyn made it to the dark inky globe that was emitting it.  Smashing the globe, he was thrown against the wall and the magic of his bracers winked out.

Lórien then spotted a secret door.  Opening it, he found the Orb of Necromancy.  An ancient items that  holds some of the arcane secrets of a long lost art.

Callyn then felt the sudden urge to head back t Ziphanu, his god.  The group made quick time down to the Sea Temple, and made it to the bottom level just in time to see the demon they followed give the god of the air the killing blow.  

Seeing his god perish right in front of him drove Callyn insane.  When the new god of the air commanded him to kill his teammates, he had no will to ignore the command.  The fight was swift, but Lórien finished it, by turning Callyn into salt.

Returning to town, the disillusioned Marcillus chose to head off on a pilgrimage to the temple of Hantaknor.  His place was taken by Grimthain, a dwarven cleric of Rorkhad.  Solaris took the death of his comrade hard and proceeded to drown his sorrows in beer and alcohol.  He made some conversation with another wandering adventurer, a wood elf druid named Theavaera, but in his drunk state, he didn't make much of  a good impression.

Lórien messed around with Grimthain quite a bit, and they now seem to have a bit of an understanding between them.  No one is quite sure what kind of understanding, but at least they aren't at each other's throat.

Later on in the evening, a third wandering adventurer came in.  
Lórien noticed her power, and sat down for a little conversation.  Trying his spells on her, he was surprised that they had no effect.  At the same time, he felt a slight tingling sensation.  Offering her salt (a piece of the remains of Callyn), he handed over a petrified finger, possibly not realizing that she could return it to flesh with a stone to flesh spell and have a powerful item for her ritualistic magic.

Asking her to step outside, she made a short trip to the WC, where Morgoth failed to see that she replaced herself with an illusion.  Following the illusion outside, Lórien also failed to realize the original was still back in the bar.  In the mean time the mysterious stranger was able to escape out the back.

Heading out the following day, the party came across the stranger from the previous evening.  By this point, Lórien was sure that she had read his mind the previous evening.  She was accompanied by two other vaguely elf women.  Theavaera was flying above in her dire bird shape, and was the first to notice them.  

The three women, Rac, Sasha, and Tomo approached the party and moved in close.  Things quickly escalated, and they unleashed shocking grasp on everyone they could touch.  Rac quickly hit Lórien with Phantasmal Force, and conjured a crazed Callyn to torment him.  Solaris was charmed as well.  The fight was off to a very bad start, and things did not look promising for the party.  With the big damage dealers taken out, it was up to Grim and Thea to stop the entire party from dying.  Thea quickly morphed into a T-rex, and jumped into the melee.  It took a few tries before Lórien realized that the women were immune to his spells.

Lórien was able to polymorph Morgoth into a roc, and almost dropped Sasha from a height of 80 feet, but a quick hold animal spell prevented both Morgoth and Sasha from the fall.  Solaris finally broke out of his charmed state and quit doing damage to his mates, and the first Racshasa went down.
Lórien was able to concentrate enough to polymorph Morgoth again, and actually grapple and drop Sasha again.  That, combined with the continued pummeling from the T-rex, quickly ended the melee.  Lórien finally found a spell he could use and trapped the final racshasa in place with a sticky web.  The dice were not smiling on the adventurers.  There were a surprisingly high number of crappy rolls made, but also surprisingly few crits.

The session ended with 
Lórien using speak with the dead to get some answers from the racshasa corpses.


275 gp
Large silver pearl (100 gp)
3 gold bracelets (300 gp each)

Magic Items:

Orb of Necromancy

XP Breakdown:

XP this session: 30,540
XP per person: 7,635
XP til level: 8,128
Total Campaign XP per Person: 68,872


  1. Aaaaaaand Scotts character is a hermaphrodite again... somehow I expected that ;)