Saturday, March 2, 2013

Session 12


Solaris - Human Ranger
Lórien - Elf Wizard
Callyn - Human Monk
Marcillus - Human Cleric
Killborn - Dwarf Fighter

The Adventure

Our adventurers found themselves in Fisher's Tavern, the local watering hole in the town of Hikar.  First thing in the morning, they headed out to the Dark Temple, to finish what they began the previous day.

On arriving, they found that not much had changed.  There were burn marks and the door that the Ettins had barred the previous day was still shut.  Entering the door, the ettins attacked.  The sheer numbers initially gave the party a hard time, but Stinking clouds and walls of flame kept them at bay, and the battle was won.

Killborn's axe did not help him in this battle.  Callyn, Solaris, Lórien, and even Marcillus' damage quickly outpaced him.  The curse of Kilborn is still much active.  

Heading further into the Dark Temple, the party came across a dinner table with wine glasses and partially filled wine bottles.  They later found out that it was not wine in the bottles, but blood.

Kilborn stood back as the rest of the party snuck down the hall, but they were not stealthy. As they approached the door at the end of the hallway, a vampire opened it, and combat commenced.  The vampires summoned all manner of creature.  Wild wolves, and huge rats.  Marcillus was dominated and actually did some damage to his ally.  His strong will soon overcame the domination though, and Callyn bared no ill will.

Killborn gained a new title during this encounter.  He is now referred to as 'Rat Slayer'.  Solaris actually managed to do more damage to himself than the vampires did.  This fight also started out hard for the party, but a well timed fireball helped turn the tide.  After the last vampire was dispersed, Callyn proceeded to destroy the coffins that weren't burned in the fireball.

Following the cave further in, Callyn spotted a group of ropers.  Remembering his near death at the hands of a roper from a previous adventure, he warned the party.  Kilborn screamed, "Chaerge!" and ran in to attack.  His blade rung true this time.  Lórien polymorphed his quasit into a devil.

Both Marillus and Solaris had more trouble though.  Their powers failed at a critical moment in combat, and they lost their senses for a bit.  The ropers posed much less of a challenge this time.  After the fight, the party began to receive more telepathic message.  Someone was angry that they had killed the vampire coven.

Having come to a dead end, the party headed back to the beginning of the cave to venture down a different path.  Callyn discovered a secret door that had been previously overlooked.  Lórien got a sense of satisfaction from Iban.  Iban wanted the sender of those telepathic messages dead.

Callyn heard a sound he had heard before, and recognized it as a devilish summoning ritual.  The party's speed did not prevent Gelugon, the Ice Devil from summoning another ice devil.  The party quickly realized that they were immune to both cold and fire damage.  The summoned devil quickly dropped, and the focus was on Gelugon.

The most powerful foe the party has faced to date dropped as well.  Venturing further into the temple, the party came across a dead end with a sinister vapory cloud.  They quickly found the secret door and stumbled upon Palelil, the evil Taldor god.

There was discussion of how to destroy him and make sure no one could ever find their way back to waken him.  Marcillus was able to divine the word to awaken Palelil.  Speaking, 'Pel', the god woke.  His first words were, "What doesn't kill you disappoints me!".  He was bound by the covenants to give a benefit to whose who sought him, but what benefit was not set in stone.  He gave everyone in the party 1 hit point.  Lórien put an arcane lock on the door.  It is a pity he used up the spell scroll before getting the opportunity to transfer it to his spell book.

Heading out of the god's chamber, the party found a room.  Lórien realized that the room had previously held an item of great power.  Mukora, the axe that Palelil created for the first Taldor.  It would have taken a being of great power to even get to that room.  It is a question.  Did Gelugon get subjugated into giving out his most prized possession?  Was he in an alliance with someone?  Or, was he subjugated into giving up the axe?

In either case, the outcome is the same.  Someone is now carrying an axe that has the potential to do great harm to the dwarves of the land.

Heading out, the last unexplored room contained a torture chamber.  This disgusted Callyn past the point of no return.  He burned every burnable thing in the temple.  Payback for the damage done to Hantaknor's church.

Leaving the temple, the party headed for town.  On the road, they encountered a lone taldor.  The initial thoughts were to kill it.  Callyn approached and started a dialog.  The taldor's name is Layel.  She is a renegade, one of her race that is not a mindless slaughtering barbarian.  Callyn invited her to join them in Hicar and bought her a few mugs of beer in Fisher's Tavern.  She lamented about the curse of the Taldor, their love of alcohol.  Fairly quickly, she passed out.

Callyn slept outside her door to protect her.  The following morning, she declined to join the party, but did accept a few bottles of wine, the first she drank outright.  Taking a sip from the second, she winked at Callyn and headed out to resume her life as the wandering Taldor.

Current Unresolved Hooks:

  • Search for Pran, another Taldor who might have information on how to get into the Delqafi Caverns, the ancestral home of the Taldor.
  • Marcillus still needs to visit the Temple of Hantaknor to establish a relationship with Hantaknor.
  • Follow up on the dragon sighting to the west.
  • Search for the remaining items that the two warring chieftains are looking for.
  • Search out the resting places of the remaining gods to gain their gifts.


465 gp
1 diamond (worth 500gp)
8 Bloodstone gems (50gp each)
5 Amber gems (100 gp each)

Magic Items

Black Dragon Scale of Resistance Armor
Pearl of Power
Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Potion of Water Breathing
Scroll of Arcane Lock * (used before it could be transferred to a spell book though)


XP this session: 48,450
XP per person: 9,690
XP til level: 7,673
Total Campaign XP per Person: 48,327


  1. 'Solaris actually managed to do more damage to himself than he did to the vampires.'
    That is a outrageous lie! I did a load of damage against the vampire and only 20 HP to myself. The truth is, admittedly, that I did more damage to myself than the vampires and the rats combined.

  2. That is true (and what I meant to write). You did do some damage to the vampires. You also did a bit of damage to yourself in the process.

  3. Yeah, well... Can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.