Friday, March 8, 2013

Quest Treasure

The warring dwarven chiefs are seeking out ancient treasures that will help them become the most powerful dwarves in the land.  Torongo in Haraza and Rakan in Kafari are the chiefs of the Tamar and Morin tribes respectively. 

In ages past these treasures were lost to marauding tribes and monster hordes.  They are now scattered throughout the land.  Both chiefs offered a reward for the items.

They treasures they are looking for are: a magic scarab, a brooch, a mitre, a sceptre, a golden bowl, an orb, a crown, a whistle, and the magical death mask of Rohrkhad.  Researching these items at the loremaster gave you the following information about the true names of the items:

  • Magic scarab:  The holy Scarab of Dablak
  • Brooch:  The Brooch of Aquilla
  • Mitre:  The High Mitre
  • Sceptre:  The Ancient Scepter of High King Komin Madin
  • Golden bowl:  The Golden Bowl of the Gods
  • Orb:  The Rinwen Orb
  • Crown:  The Iron Crown
  • Whistle:  The ceremonial whistle
  • The magical death mask of Rohrkhad:  Thro-Shikhad
Which chief will you back?  There is a rumor that Rakan has increased his offer by five chickens.

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