Tuesday, March 12, 2013


In the dark temple, you came across the resting place of the ancient axe Mukora.  It has fallen into the hands of Hamatula.  He is gaining power and becoming a bigger threat.  The race to aquire the Galaqian artifacts has begun.


This magic axe was created by Palelil the Taldor god so that Grefrin, the first born of the Taldor race could smite the creation of Dalkhad. With unearthly strength and magical fire the axe was forged from the metal in a fallen star, with a shaft of petrified oak. Once created it was given to Grefrin and Palelil quested him to destroy the beautiful creation of Rhorkhad. Rhorkhad saw the acts of the jealous god and made Khamalkhad for Dalkhad. The two battled and Dal won but before anything else could happen, Palelil killed Dalkhad and took Mukora from the dwarves.
Property:  +1 to attack and damage
Requirement:  Must be a Taldor to become attuned to the weapon.
Property (Attuned): +2 to attack and damage against dwarves.  The wielder has a 50% chance of going into a rage (per Barbarian Rage Class Feature)

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