Saturday, March 16, 2013

Session 13


Solaris - Human Ranger
Lórien - Elf Wizard
Callyn - Human Monk
Marcillus - Human Cleric

The Adventure

Starting off in Hikar, the party headed south to Phoroshi, on their way to search for Pran.  They came across a spooked horse with claw marks on its saddle and flanks.  Following the road down in the direction the horse was running from, they came across a flock of rocs eating two dead soldiers and another horse.

Having avoided a confrontation the first time they saw a group of rocs, they decided that they needed to be stopped if they were eating dwarves, and a fight ensued.  Callyn was killed in the melee, but revived by Marcillus.

In the Rusty Nail in Tarq, the party came across an old dwarf named Korchar.  Callyn struck up a conversation, and learned many details about the Delqafi Caverns.  The big points being that the magic bowl they are searching for and Mukora, the magic axe are rumored to be somewhere in the caverns.

At that point, Callyn drank more than he could handle and started changing the colors of patron's shirts, then moved on to changing the colors of everything that came across his mind.  Just before passing out, he fumbled his restore spell, and enjoyed the hangover the next day.

Solaris tried unsuccessfully to sell his dragon scale armor to the weapons shop in town, but the owner was not interested.  He had his sights on the spoils of killing the dragon that many people seem to be talking about.

Having concluded their business in Phoroshi, they headed south to Tulara.  Searching for rumors, they learned the location of Pran's camp and headed that way to try and learn the secret word to gain access to the Delqafi Caverns.  Pran was initially reluctant to give it up, but he relented in the end after a few drinks.

Heading northwest from Tulara, the party came across a pair of fire giants.  Callyn played soccer with them.  Well, not really with them, they were the ball.  They went down and the party continued on their way.

Finding the entrance to Delqafi and gaining access, 
Lórien sent Morgoth ahead to scout out the passages.  He noticed some rock formations and the party was prepared for ropers.  The came across the roper lair and met the roper queen.  Having grown up in close proximity, these ropers were a bit tougher then they were in previous encounters.  Morgoth a boost through polymorphing into Hamatula, and after the first few ropers fell, it was quickly over.  Callyn still didn't learn that he needed to get out of being grappled, and the roper took a nice bite out of his head.


1 Brass mug with jade inlays (350 gp)
1 tortoise pendant with a gold chain (1100 gp)
1 Fire opal (1000 gp)

Magic Items

Potion of healing (poison, but you don't know that)
Bracers of defense
Potion of dimunition
750 gp worth of residium


XP this session: 51,640
XP per person: 12,910
XP til level: 15,763
Total Campaign XP per Person: 61,237

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