Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Tower of Terror

We finished up the Tower of Terror last session.  The magic hilt was recovered, and the party is carrying it back to the seer.  Cutter is in tow as usual.

The battles this session were epic.  The party failed to notice a revenant among the corpses in one of the rooms, and that tailed Grimthain to the next room where the party encountered a powerful fire elemental.  The revenant jumped into the fray as the party fought.  It was quickly hacked to pieces, but the pieces then animated and started to attack the group.  Thea shut down the elemental, and protected herself from its attacks with a timely elemental mantle.  Grimthain could not be hit by the monsters.  The severed limbs and head however mercilessly bit and scratched his ankles.

Moving on, Bruce found a room full of Gorgons.  It was a hairy fight, with many of the party getting restrained and one even turning to stone.  Bruce lost his right pinky finger after being turned to stone and falling from the ceiling.  The gorgons escaped Thea's creeping doom through the magic barrier to the south, but before they could all get away, one of them died.  After a brief rest, they came back, but only two could make it through the teleportation doors.  The third butted against the magical barrier again and again.

Moving north, the party came across the chamber of the hilt.  Bruce's nose twitched at the apparent riches in the room.  Thea was cautious.  I think it was Grim who lassoed the hilt from the alter it sat upon.  It was a decoy though.  Truesight allowed the party to see through the illusions and find the real hilt.

Heading to the bottom of the caldera, the party destroyed the efreeti and its minions.  A few timely spells helped the party immensely.

The current party level is 18
XP:  330,000


+1 wooden shield
Holy Avenger
Ring of Radient Storm – Once per day, you can roll your radiant damage twice
Gauntlets of Destruction – These gloves increase the minimum damage of each weapon damage die to 2. (For daggers, that only deal 1d4 damage, this is a 20% increase in average damage per weapon die.)
Revenant Ankh - Legendary:  This powerful ankh temporarily imbues an ally with life force, allowing him to return to battle.
Power (Daily): Action. Choose an ally within your line of sight who died since the end of your last turn. That ally returns to maximum hit points. For the duration of the encounter the ally can take either one action or one movement each round on their turn.
The ally can’t regain hit points. At the start of each of the ally’s turns, the ally takes damage equal to his or her level. The ally dies again when reduced to 0 hit points or fewer or when the encounter ends.

No character can be affected by a revenant ankh more than once per day.

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