Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nail of Pointing

Nail of Pointing

The user may command this wearable fingernail to point at anything nonmagical (a door, stairway, gold piece, etc.); the nail then turns into a finger of bones and points toward the closest item of the type named. It continues to point at the item for one turn and then returns to nail form. There is no limit to the range of the nail's detection, but it cannot detect living or undead creatures of any type or any magical item or spell effect. The nail can function once per day.

Broom of Flying

This magical broom is able to fly through the air at up to 30 ft per round. The broom can carry 182 pounds at this rate, but every 14 additional pounds slow movement by 5 ft. The device can climb or dive at an angle of 30°. A command word (determined by the DM) must be used. The broom will travel alone to any destination named. It comes up to within 300 yards of its owner when the command word is spoken. 

Lamp of Long Burning

When this lamp is filled with oil and lighted as a normal lantern, it burns and sheds light without using oil. If the flame is doused by water, the lamp becomes nonmagical.

Room 12 loot
17,800 sp
5,000 ep
2500 gp
750 pp

Potions (3 doses each)
animal control
gaseous form

+1 sword
2 daggers +2
1 short sword+2, +3 vs. giants
+1 javelin, returning
20 arrows +1
1 suit of leather armor +2
1 suit of chain mail +2
3 shields +1

Magical items
1 lamp of long burning
1 broom of flying (Fly 30ft/round)
Nail of pointing

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