Friday, September 20, 2013

Ring of Spell Turning

Ring of Spell Turning

This ring distorts the three normal dimensions, causing many spells cast at the wearer to rebound upon the spellcaster. Sometimes, a spell's entire effect is turned against the caster; sometimes, a portion of the effect rebounds.

Some spells are immune from the effects of a ring of spell turning:

• Spells that affect an area, and which are not cast directly at the ring wearer, are not turned by the ring.

• Spells that are delivered by touch are not turned.

• Magic contained in devices (rods, staves, wands, rings, and other items) that are triggered without spellcasting are not turned. A scroll spell is not considered a device.

Up to three times a day, this ring acts as the Spell Turning spell.  Up to 9 spell levels per day can be turned against the caster.  If more than 9 spell levels are absorbed, the remaining damage is split between the caster and the recipient.

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