Saturday, September 21, 2013

Session 36

For Session 36, we had a few new additions to the team today. Thea took off with Lórien and was replaced by Cally, a halfling fighter. Bruce disappeared and was replaced by Stryker the warforged, and Jam, the half-orc barbarian joined us. Vincent and Grim rounded out the party.

After the conclusion of our last adventure, the party took an extended rest. In the morning, only Grim, Vincent, and Cutter were in camp. They hopped on Uzrivoy and headed back to see the Seer.

The Isle of the Seer was unchanged. Heading down into the cave, Grim and Vincent encountered Stryker, Jam, and Cally. They drank from the cursed water of the river and were charmed into guarding the Seer's lair. The caves had also been repopulated with all kinds of creatures.

A hell hound and beholder sat by while the party walked past them. Grim angered a dragon enough for it to break the Seer's charm and it attacked, blasting a spout of fire down the hall after the party. The battle was raging, and in the middle of the fight, Grim jumped onto the back of the dragon and wailed away on it.

Although the rest of the creatures were passive, the hall of traps was still fully functional. The way in was mostly uneventful. Just a few delayed fireballs got triggered.

In the Seer's chamber, he demanded that the party return the hilt. When the party questioned his motives, he ignored them and went back to reading his book. The party relented and handed over the hilt, and the Seer

"Death to you all! Now that I have the sabre again, the curse shall be fulfilled, and the land remain savage for all eternity! With this sabre in my hands I am invincible!"

No one was listening much when the Seer uttered the above quote. Cutter was absorbed by the hilt and became the blade of the sword. It actually did make the Seer invulnerable.

The Seer was shut down though. He was stunned for the entire fight, not even getting a chance to teleport away to safety. During the fight, he called in a 'wing' of sabreclaws. They fought savagely. Adding a new element to the game, the saberclaws used a pool of hit points. Grim was surprised to continue to do great damage to one of them and it stayed alive.

Stryker managed to get the sword away from the Seer and finally used it. That was all it took to send the Seer to the next life. As soon as the Seer died, the walk began to crack and water started flowing in. Stryker was already ahead of the group on the way out.

"I have been saved and I thank you, but my task is not complete. The Seer is gone, but his curse remains. To lift it, you must plunge my blade into the festering sore at the Heart of the River. Only if I remain at the Heart will the curse be foiled forever."

Jam triggered an invisible stalker trap and Cally set off two of them. Cally managed to teleport out, but Jam was the last man in the trap room, and was cornered. With the water levels continuing to rise, things were looking hairy.

Grim had a plan though. He hopped on Uzrivoy and took the boat through solid earth and rock. Emerging right next to Jam and Cally, he called, "All onboard!" Moving through the crumbling caves, Grim headed back up. Stryker misinterpreted the advice that Cutter/sword gave, and was madly trying to stab the water of the river. It was ineffective. The curse was still there.

The sword, now full again, has a name. It is Sabre (details to come later). After talking with Sabre, the party headed up the river. Travelling for a few days. As the party approached the head of the river, they saw many tributaries. Invariably, the water was clean and clear, but it was cursed when it joined with the main water flow.

When they made it about as far as they could go, a flock of giant birds swooped down and attacked. They were quickly dispatched though. Those birds were followed by a second flock who were more powerful, and finally very near the heart of the river, a third flock attacked. This last one was larger and stronger.

This brings us to the end of this adventure. Next week, we will head into the 'Heart of the River'.

Current Level: 18


chainmail +3, sword of slowing +2, shield +1, boots of levitation, wand of cold (8 charges), scroll of protection from elementals, crystal ball with clairaudience, ring of spell turning (6 spells), displacer cloak, scarab of protection (4 charges), potion of gaseous form, potion of healing, potion of invulnerability, wand of negation (5 charges)

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