Sunday, June 16, 2013

Session 25 - Part 1


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Cad - Human Monk
Vincent - Human Paladin

The Adventure

Our adventuring day picks up where we left off in Keraptis the Necromancer's tomb.  Rotating the central statue in the Chamber of Alcoves, the party opened the door to the southern room to find a dirt plot.  Cad chose to dig up the loose dirt.  After what seemed like ages, he hit something wooden, the coffin of a mummified corpse.  It held a sealed metal scroll tube and some jewelry (detailed in the Loot section).  The piece of vellum had the following passage written on it:

Next the party rotated the statue to the west and opened the door there.  Inside was a man in rags chained to the wall.  This was the first meeting between Vincent, the Zombie Killer, and the party.  Vincent was a member of the Seeker group who tried looting the tomb a few days prior, and had been tortured by Cenixil, a Naga who lived in the tomb.

After meeting the party, he joined up with them to search for his gear.  Cad managed to teleport through the nostril of enormous stone face carving on the wall, and search the passage.  He noticed a naga in the room at the end of the passage, and turned back.

Turning the statue to the northern, and final door, the trap was made ineffective by a quick mage hand from Lórien.  Theavara lumbered down the hallway after Cad.  Cad was the first to enter the crypt they encountered.  Thea began knocking the covers off, and when the first mummy was disturbed, two giant mummies attacked.  The fight was long, but no one suffered from the rotting touch of the mummies.

On the inner side of one of the mummies wrappings, the following passage was found:
Heading further down the hallway, the party came upon another huge carved face.  This one with its lips pursed as if whistling.  They also felt a soft breeze coming from the mouth.  Someone reached into the left ear, triggering a trap that shut a knife studded gate and sent a gust of wind down the hallway.  Thea and Cad easily resisted the wind.  The right ear contained a green key.

To the south was a huge pillar that remains to be inspected in depth ...

The party followed the northern hallway, and came upon a long pillared hallway.  Midway down the hall was a dark suit of plate armor with curved blades in place of gauntlets.  Closet inspection showed a key hole in the base of the neck and gears at the joints.  The door next to it was magically locked.

Temporarily ignoring the door, the party went forth to confront the naga.  It was an easy fight, the naga surrendered after it was clear she would die if she didn't.  She gave the party details of the surrounding rooms and they let her go, on condition that she did not leave the tomb before the party did.  Why they took the word of a chaotic evil creature is still a bit of a mystery.  Cenixil is probably laying in wait to ambush the party at the opportune time.

Following the stairs to the north, the party found and opened a secret door.  They backtracked to the second secret door the naga told them about, and got it open.  Inside, they were sure to avoid gazing into the cursed fish pool.  Morgoth managed to find some coin and a key at the bottom of the first pool.

Cad ventured down the hallway to the north, and as soon as his foot touched the mosaic symbol on the floor, he was teleported away.  To most of his comrades, it looked like hi was cut to shreds by dozens of swirling blades, but it was in fact an illusion.

Thea took charge and quickly searched the surrounding rooms before heading to the secret door the party had encountered earlier.

In the ceremonial chamber, Morgoth failed to open a small box, and was paralyzed.  Lórien felt a strong magic aura emanating from the box and had had Morgoth pick it up and try to open it.  On a whim, Lórien tossed the paralyzed Morgoth onto the animated rug that adorned the floor.  Instantly, the familiar vanished.  Lórien felt Morgoth screaming over his telepathic link, his familiar was in the rug.  Morgoth drowned, and is now a permanent fixture in the tapestry.

(to be continued)

Green Key
Black Key
Small Copper Key

18 pp
26 gp
105 sp
161 cp
Gold ring with a topaz (250 gp)
Ancient silver piece (5 gp to a collector or 1 gp to anyone else)
4 bejeweled gold phylacteries (1,200 gp each)
4 pair of gold earrings set with tiny sapphires (200 gp each)
4 simple gold rings etched with necromancer symbols (100 gp each)
4 gemstones inscribed with 4 necromancer symbols (bloodstone, carnelian, citrine, and an onyx; 25 gp each)

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