Thursday, June 27, 2013

Session 26


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Grimthain - Dwarf Cleric
Cad - Human Monk
Vincent - Human Paladin

The Adventure

The party found themselves outside of the Great Mausoleum.  Having seen through the illusion trap enough times, they shrugged it off and ventured through the secret door.  Finding a clue written on a ladle they spotted sitting at the bottom of one of the pools.

Using the ladle, they poured some water on the first pile of mud.  A few seconds later, a golem in the shape of a heavily muscled human with the head of a camel rose out of the mud pit.  The party made quick work of it, and repeated the exercise on the middle mud pit.  This one turned into an emaciated human with the head of a fanged pig.  After dispatching this one, they pored water on the final pit.  A hippopotamus headed human rose from the last pit, but was not aggressive.  It opened the door to the next room, and joined the party (taken over by Lórien).

Following the hallway, the party came across a hallway with five red marble pillars.  Each pillar had a word written on it.  From north to south, "Keraptis," "shall," "vanquish," "her," "foes."  A pool in the chamber to the north had the same words inscribed in the tiles along its bottom.

Sensing a trap, the party cautiously entered the room.  Cad searched and found some treasures, taking the ruby, eyes, teeth, and tusks that adorned the elephant headed colossus (pictured below).

Another scroll with a clue was found in the hollowed out head of a different statue in the room.  Lórien later translated it:

The party triggered a trap while walking next to the the elephant statue, found a secret door, and continued south.  At the end of the hallway was Korobtos' Chamber.  Adorned with eighteen green basalt statues of fly-headed humanoids along the walls, this room had a sarcophagus at the center.

Vincent was struck with a curse that racked his body with pain when he tried to remove the silk covering the body of Koropos, which caused her to jump up and shout, "  How dare you disturb the sleep of the great Koroptos!  You shall all perish!  Prepare to meet your destruction, fools!"  (I don't think she actually said that, and without Lórien to understand the language, you wouldn't have understood it anyway, but it sounded cool).

Needless to say, Koropotos was quickly overwhelmed and met her own destruction that day.  Searching the sarcophagus, the party came across a few potions, scrolls and some worthless smooth pebbles that were enchanted to look like valuable gems.

Meanwhile, Lórien awoke to find himself naked, bound, and gagged.  The prisoner of Cenixil.  Cenixil tried to heal him with a potion, but it turned out to be poison.  Quickly realizing her mistake, she fed him another healing potion.  She wanted him to be conscious when she tortured the wizard.

Deciding that they should probably find 
Lórien, the party backtracked and headed to try and find a way back to the first level of the dungeon.  On their way, the ventured through the low pool at the south of the previously explored moat crypt.  On touching the water, six water elementals appeared.  Theavaera trampled them to begin the fight.  The elementals continued to attack, and Cad ventured further into the pool, where she came across a water crypt.

Touching the water, she released a dread wraith.  Sensing the greater threat (and dealing with the frustration of reappearing elementals, the party followed her.  During the fight, Cad used his ring of blinking and got trapped in the etherial plane.  While there, he saw the glow of Lórien's eye, and phased through the tomb walls to get to him.  The party triggered a trap on the iron door in the room, releasing a cone of cold that also dispersed the elementals.  

Heading back to the lair of the hag, the party found the teleport room, and managed to teleport back to the first level without taking damage from the blade trap in the room.  Theavaera charged ahead and attacked Cenixil with savage fury.  She was angry that her friend was treated so poorly by a creature she had been merciful with.

Cenixil was now a bit more powerful.  She had picked up and attuned the items she found in Lórien's bag of holding, as well as attuning to Lórien's cloak and staff.  Cenixil tried to escape, but was blocked when Thea cast a stone wall in front of her.  The party quickly killed her, and Thea sliced her to shreds.

The Eye of Iban helped guide Cad back to the material plane.  The party took an extended rest, and Vincent was cured of his curse, and Lórien summoned a pseudo dragon.  Theavaera took instantly to the newest member of the party, Ariel the pseudo dragon.

Checking out the mysterious column in the last unexplored room of the first level, Vincent found a key hole, and Lórien opened it with mage hand, avoiding a trap.  A blast from within the pillar created an oval opening that held a hidden coffin.  The coffin was made of a strange purple wood and painted with the image of a beautiful woman with flowing black hair, hands crossed over her chest, eyes closed, and a silver pendant bearing a necromancy symbol around her neck.

Opening the coffin, the party found a dead half-elf, that appeared to have been strangled to death.  The party took the Glimmering Necklace and found another clue:
Thea then proceeded to destroy the coffin and its long dead half-elf.

Double checking the ceremonial chamber, the Lórien waved at the now dead Morgoth.  Lórien mage handed the obsidian dagger, a small box from the alter, and four 4-inch-wide octagonal disks, each with a different necromancy symbol etched on it.  The box contained small snake statuette that appeared to talk, but no one got close enough to hear it.  (I can't remember exactly when you picked up that box, so I winged it there).

This concludes our adventuring day, go ahead and level up your characters to 15.


Scroll of augury
Scroll of cone of cold
Scroll of create food and water
Scroll of cure critical wounds
Scroll of dispel magic
Potion of invisibility
Scroll of lesser restoration
Scroll of lightning bolt
Scroll of phantasmal force
Potion of speed
Scroll of stoneskin
Scroll of thunderwave
Black opals (1,000 gp each) eyes of the colossus
Black pearl (500 gp)
Ruby (5,000 gp) from the colossus' forehead
Sapphire (1,000 gp)
36 smokey blue quartz teeth (50 gp each)

Ornate box of blue steel (50 gp)
Platinum hair pin with a small emerald setting (500 gp)
White ring (250 gp) from Koroptos' finger
A box filled with 125 worthless smooth pebbles covered with illusions to look like tourmalines, pearls, and aquamarines worth 100 gp each, and four larger rocks that appear to be emeralds worth 10,000 gp each
Koroptos' red alloy armor and mace (1500 gp)
Obsidian dagger (15 gp)
Two ornate silver daggers (120 gp each)

XP Breakdown

Current Level:  15 (190,000 XP)
XP til level:  40,000

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