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Dracolich loot

The Helping Hand

The helping hand appears to be an iron glove with unusually long fingers, and an iron ring (to tie it to a rope) at the wrist. When given the command word, it grabs whatever next comes into contact with its palm and holds on until told to release it. If attached to a rope, it can be used as a grappling hook that lands silently 85% of the time.
If thrown at an opponent and a successful attack (dex) roll is made, the helping hand grabs its victim's throat, causing 1 hit point of damage in the first round, two points in the second, four points in the third, and so on. A strangulating helping hand can only be removed with a successful DC 16 Strength save.

GP Value: 500
Source:  IMAGINE Magazine 24

Gloves of Holding

The wearer of these gloves may hold onto any other item or creature without letting go. When used in hand-to-hand combat, a normal attack roll must first be successful, but the wearer may hold onto the victim after that, squeezing if desired for 2d6 points of damage per round (plus Strength bonus).  The held victim can try to break free as an action by making a Str save (value = 12 + wearer's Str bonus)
GP Value: 1,000

Source:  The Book of Marvelous Magic

Belt of the Lions

This broad belt appears to be like any other magical belt when first encountered. When it is put on, the wearer gains several special abilities. Wearing a belt of the lions enables one to speak with felines (as per the spell speak with monsters). The felines, from house cats to saber-tooth tigers, view the wearer as a being with a Charisma of 18 (for purposes of reaction checks). Often, the cats give advice or aid to the wearer and may obey reasonable commands.
The wearer also gains the ability to land after a fall in such a way as to minimize physical damage—subtract 3 points from every die of damage incurred from falling, to a minimum of 1 point of damage per die. The belt enables the wearer to move silently as per a thief's ability, with a +1 bonus.
Finally, the belt confers a sort of night vision similar to that possessed by cats. If any light source is within view of the wearer, he can see in the dark as clearly as if he were in broad daylight. Note that this power is not related to infravision; the belt does not allow someone to see in pitch darkness.
Source: DRAGON Magazine 91
GP Value: 1,400

Ring of Blinking

When the wearer of this ring issues the proper verbal command, it activates, and affects the user as if a blink spell were operating upon him or herself. The effect lasts for six rounds. The ring then ceases to function for one hour while it replenishes itself. The command word is usually engraved somewhere on the ring. The ring activates whenever this word is spoken, even though the command might be given by someone other than the wearer, provided that the word is spoken within 10 feet of the ring.
GP Value: 500

Ring of Cirulon

This is a clear, crystal ring that contains flecks of the same color as the dragon that presented it. The ring must be worn on the right hand. It cures light wounds (less than 6 points of damage) completely and heals a mortal wound sufficiently to prevent death (bringing the character up to 1 hit point). The ring is activated by touch. It can be used only once.
GP Value: 1000

Source: Dragon Keep

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