Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Session 25 - Part 2


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Cad - Human Monk
Vincent - Human Paladin

The Adventure


Ignoring the strange pillar in an adjacent room, the party began to feel a sense of urgency in their need to find Cad.

In the mean time, Cad was busy exploring his new surroundings.  He was teleported into a holding cell on a different level of the tomb.  Looking around, he stumbled onto a crypt.  A large room with a sarcophagus in the center with the words, "Disturb not the slumber of Keraptis".  Sloppily painted on the north wall was the phrase, "Let the chips fall where they may."  Flanking the sarcophagus were two suits of exquisitely fashioned plate armor.  The suits of armor were adorned with odd curling hooks, horns, and other strange fixtures.

Choosing to get out of there, Can came across a cell that had no back wall.  Teleporting through, he encountered a wall of force blocking his passage.  Teleporting over the wall, he came upon another stone face carved into the west end of the hallway.  This one looking as if it was holding its breath.  Cad noticed that the mouth on this one was hinged.

Leaving the stone face untouched, cad ventured south, and encountered a murky glass wall.  Initially, he planned to smash it, but his common sense got the best of him and he blinked through the glass.  He found that the other side was a water filled room that was cold and empty of anything ... but water.

Venturing down to the dead end, he searched and came across a secret door, and followed the hallways through to another crypt, this one surrounded by a moat.  Teleporting across the moat, he found a mummified corpse.  Searching the corpse, Cad found a broad leather belt.  Cad put it on and immediately noticed that his clothes didn't fit properly any more.  That was because he became a she.  It was the Belt of Masculinity/Femininity.  He also found a metal scroll tube that he chose not to open.

During this time, he heard the sound of a humongous thunder clap from the north, but chose not to investigate it.  That was his comrades attacking the hag who inhabited that level of the tomb.

Back to the first level, the party headed to the secret door to the northwest and entered the room.  After some trial and error, they closed the door and touched the Necromancy symbol on the north wall.  They were teleported to another chamber that was identical to the one they were just in.  Searching the room, they came across a secret door to the north and got it open.  This triggered a trap.  A magical storm of swirling blades shot out from the wall and did some major damage.  After the second slicing from the trap, the party decided to high tail it out of the chamber and search for a place to take a short rest.

They chose poorly when they sat down for a break in the next room.  It was the lair of Ulzaada the Hag.  She jumped out from behind a illusionary wall, and surprised Lórien and Vincent.  The party made quick work of the hag, and found that she was only carrying a key ring containing 20 bronze keys.

Heading out, they found the tracks of Cad on the dusty floors of the tomb, and tracked his movement to the secret door.  They opened it, and followed into the large crypt, where they ran into the, now female Cad who had retreated from a huge Mausoleum he encountered further down the hall.

Reunited, the party headed west, into the Great Mausoleum.  It was a huge chamber of white stone with four tiers of burial niches, each one containing the remains of a human sized corpse, clad in moldering rags.  One minute after they entered, the party began to hear a rustling sound, with no apparent source.  A minute after the sounds began, the corpses appeared to stir and get up.  Vincent's channel undead seemed to pass harmlessly through the corpses, and only Theavaera realized that they were just an illusionary.

A minute later the party was struck by a huge psychic blast.  They retreated from the room, and decided to try it again.  This time, the party reformed and tried again.  Lórien failed his check again, and opened a dimension door to the entrance, his unconscious body now rests there.  Morgoth would surely have dragged his master off to the abyss for a lifetime of torture if he had not become a permanent fixture of the magic rug.  Someone is going to regret not killing Cenixil though.  Not to metagame or anything, but she is really going to enjoy some of the more powerful items in Lórien's bag of holding.  The eye of Iban is furious.

Meanwhile, in the Great Mausoleum, Theavaera unleashed a huge insect plague on the corpses, and reduced them to dust.  During the melee, Cad saw that one of the corpses appeared not to move, and on further examination, the party found a secret door at the back of the third tier.


A key wing with 20 bronze keys
Belt of Masculinity/Femininity
One unopened scroll tube

Lórien's unconscious body also has the small box that Morgoth died retrieving.  It contains our first artifact level magic item, the Ring of Earth and Stone.  This ring was made by an evil entity of elemental earth and water.  You will have to retrieve the bag of holding that it is in before uncovering more of its secrets though ...

XP Breakdown

Current level: 14 (170,000 XP)
XP til level:  20,000
Barring a TPK, we will be leveling up at the end of next session.

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