Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Session 43 and 44
Many changes are happening in the land of Tarq.  Two players have become gods.  Davros killed the Lizard god and assumed his position in the pantheon of Tarq, and Vincent accepted the position formerly held by Tito.  He is the new Protector for the Weak.

Cad, through his mass genocide, gathered the divine sparks that reside in every living creature he murdered that day.  Through this atrocity, he passed the Task of Ascension, and became a demigod.  While still weak, Davros and Vincent spotted his newly created Diving Spark and went after him.

It was an easy fight.  God-cad did not have the power to extend into defaultia and destroy a computer.  He wild shaped into a monster and summoned goons during the fight, but to no avail.  He perished and his god shard was taken.  (Who took it?)

Meanwhile, Lórien was off fighting his way through life.  He decided that his latest challenge was going to be killing a god.  He looked up an old friend and enticed Solaris the ranger to join him on his new quest.  Solaris gladly picked up his bow of doubling and set out with his old friend.  Over a camp fire, they reminisced about their previous visit to the Dark Temple.

Lórien swept aside the arcane lock that held the door to Palelil's chamber.  He and Solaris stepped in and he uttered, "Pel".  Nothing happened.  He realized that he could only summon a god once.  "Wait here Solaris, I'll be right back", and teleported away.

Moments later he returned with a bedraggled Taldor.  "Speak the WORD!" commanded Lórien.  The meek Taldor whispered, "Pel," and that was all the help Solaris and Lórien needed.  With prepared actions, they destroyed the inexperienced god.  Lórien stepped in and snorted the god shard to complete his Task of Ascension.  He could feel the power coursing through his nerves.

"Care to become a God today Solaris?"  he asked.

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