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Lórien's further adventures

Lórien's further adventures

While the party was off battling their way through the Anforn cavern, Lórien was off increasing his power.  Recently a high powered mage had caught his attention, and although he was unrivaled in the land of mortals, he felt the power of this one.

The eye of Iban had no difficulty locating the upstart mage in the ethereal plane.  He focused on
Cally the mage.  Studying her from afar.  Gauging her strength.

Many had argued that the powers of an illusionist were inferior to those of an invoker.  Many are foolish though.  Lórien was just starting to feel the true power of his chosen path.  Fused with the power of a dead god, he was feeling strong that day.

A quick cast of invisibility and a greater teleport brought him right next to where Cally stood, in the place where the material plane and ethereal plane converged.  While standing in the material plane, he could see her clearly with the eye of Iban.

He though that the moment was at hand, and reached through the planar barrier with the hand of Iban and grabbed Cally by the throat.

The started Cally struggled against his grasp, but with a belt of ogre strength, his grip held fast.  He tore her back into the material plane and began the duel.  Starting off with a hold monster spell, Cally was restrained.

"Your power is weak," spoke Lórien in a low voice.  "You cannot use the ethereal plane to hide from me."

Cally's mind began to panic.  "It was not supposed to end like this ..." she thought.

"I wrote up a new spell, but haven't tried it yet.  Would you like to help in my research?  ... Oh I forgot, you were having a problem with your mouth weren't you."

Lórien raised his hands and cast Cone of Stupidity Cally felt the raw necrotic power take root in her brain as Lórien exhaled a cone of deadly spores.  She involuntarily inhaled as he released his magical grip on her.

Cally muttered a few words, and meteors began to fall from the sky.  "Your enchantments mean nothing to me" said Lórien as he stepped through the flames unscathed.  "Now, let me show you true power ..."  and he reached up to caress Cally's face.  With a touch, a horrible feeling shook her body.  Veins began to bulge unnaturally over her body, growing like a cancer.

Cally brought up an arm to ward off Lórien's touch, but to her horror the limb fell off.  In shock, Cally tried to mount a defense.  She managed a ray of frost, but Lórien just caught it in his outstretched hand.

"Ahhh, my research seems to have paid off," said Lórien.  "Degenerate seems to work perfectly.  Shall we end this?"  He stepped back, raised his hand and cast peel.  The outer membrane of Cally's body separated from the rest of her body, revealing sensitive flesh beneath.  Lórien chuckled as he thought to himself, "Ouch.  That is going to leave a mark ..."

As an afterthought, he turned around, laid his hands on Cally and cast death knell.  Lórien flexed his muscles and felt his power increase as he absorbed the last remnants of what used to be Cally.  As he stood up, he thought to himself, "It is about time that I finish researching how to make a magic jar," and stepped into the negative energy plane.

Within an hour, all that was left of Cally was a few bones and another notch in Lórien's Staff of Ruin.

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  1. I cant wait to destroy this peon with my gods power!