Saturday, October 12, 2013

Session 39

Session 39


Vincent Tigersoul - Human Paladin
Davros Northdrake - Dragonborn Swordmage
Renlan Leaf Drifter - Elf Ranger

The Adventure

We started off in Davro's home plane.  Attempting to get back, Davros had a problem with his spell and the party was split.  He ended up with Vincent and Renlan standing in front of a mysterious cavern.  On closer inspection, he found it to be the Sea Temple, resting place of Melmalan, the water god.

Adventuring down into the depths to gain the blessings of the Water God, the party encountered the remnants of trolls had regenerated and repopulated the old living quarters.  Vincent began the fight with some difficulty.  Possibly doing more damage to Renlan than he did to the trolls.

When the party realized that they needed fire to stop the troll's regeneration, Davros lit up a Flame Blade.  Pieces of arms and heads were flying everywhere.  Biting and scratching the players' legs and ankles.  A head slowly pulled itself along the floor by its lips, only to get kicked away by Renlan.  After a long and hard battle, the party was victorious.  

Delving further into the Sea Temple, the party was attacked by a group of Ropers.  The ropers were quickly destroyed.

Heading down a level, the party avoided combat with a group of water elementals.  During the conversation, Davros asked about the water god, and was given directions to his location.  In the bottom level of the Sea Temple, the secret word was whispered and Melmalan came to life.

He bestowed his gift of +1 Wisdom and gave everyone the ability to swim (add proficiency bonus to swim checks).  Davros was cocky and abrupt to the god, and realized that he should probably stay away from elementals in the near future.

Their next stop was the Church of Hantaknor.  An old acolyte was cleaning and showed the party the right direction to go.  Whispering the secret word to awaken the Fire God, everyone in the party felt stronger, with a +1 bonus to Constitution and a deeper knowledge of fire.  Davros also managed to anger this god before it returned to slumber.  A last bit of advice to Vincent was that he should visit his brother, Tito, protector of the weak.

The party made it half way across Tarq on their way back to the heart of the Sabre River, and stopped off at Kilborne's farm to rest for the night.


Current level: 18


3 Clear Spindle Ioun Stones
6 Flaming arrows

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