Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lórien and Thea's Adventures

After splitting from the party, Thea followed Lórien on his quest for Necromantic knowledge and power.  Lórien was able to locate a second Necromancer's tomb with the information he found in the Keraptis' tomb and that was where he was headed.  They passed the traps and killed the guardians of the tomb easily.
  Lórien found the necromancer in this tomb still alive in suspended animation.  With a mutter, he woke the sleeping mage.  Where is the hand!"
  "You will never find it," the necromancer growled.
  "No, that is where you are wrong", and Lórien reached out into the necromancer's mind and took hold of his thoughts.  "How do you like the pits of hell?"
  Lórien smiled as his old stand by, Phantasmal Force, worked again.  He rather liked the image of hellfire and the smell of brimstone he sent directly into the necromancer's brain.
  "That always makes me shiver when you do that," said Thea.
  "Want to see the fires of hell first hand druid?  I could make it happen you know," replied Lórien.
  "No, no thank you.  I will pass".
  Lórien waited a good five minutes before releasing the necromancer from his mental prison.  The necromancer was ragged.  His white robes dripping sweat and smoking from the power of the spell.  "I grow weary of this game, where is it!".
  "You will never get the location out of me".
  Lórien muttered a few words.  Lórien broke through the planar border and contacted Iban.  "Do I need this guy to find your hand?"
   "NO!" boomed the god's voice in Lórien's head.
  "Good enough."  Lórien reached out wiggled his fingers and turned the necromancer to salt.  "I didn't need to do that, but one must keep up appearances you know."  He sent out tendrils of arcane magic and sensed the faint aura of the hand.  A quick thunderwave took out the secret door, and Lórien found artifact he sought.  He took out his obsidian dagger and prepared to do some surgery.
  "I can't let you do that," said Thea.
  "You can't stop me," replied Lórien.
  Thea raised a hand and cast a sunbeam directly at Lórien, but her eyes went wide as it passed right through his body.  "I though it might come to this,"  Lórien said from behind Thea.
  Thea saw the flames of hell begin to rise up around her.  She began to fight the fear as it gripped her heart, all the while thinking, "I am immune to to this!"  Gathering her will to break the spell, Thea realized too late that she had been fooled.  It was not phantasmal force, but Lórien's major illusion that she mistook for it.
  "I told you I could scare you ..." Lórien said as he held up a large gem and cast trap the soul.  Pulling out his dagger again, Lórien chopped off his right hand and held the hand of Iban to the stump.  The lifeless hand started twitching as the writhing tendons and blood vessels knit themselves to their counter parts in Lórien's body.
  "Now, what shall we do with you?  I know ... "  Lórien set the gem down next to a sarcophagus and cast earthquake.  After 30 seconds, the cave started to collapse.  Lórien teleported to the surface as the entire tomb caved in on itself.  The telepathic screaming from Thea grew fainter and fainter as he moved away.  Lórien was smiling and the hand was pleased.

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