Saturday, October 5, 2013

Session 38


Grimthain - Dwarven Cleric
Cally - Fighter/Monk
Vincent - Human Paladin
Davros - Dragonborne Swordmage
Renlan Leaf Drifter - Elf Ranger

The Adventure

Our adventuring day began with the party choosing to take the path fraught with danger over the possibility of splitting the party and drowning while going the watery route.  Cautiously, the party headed deeper into the mountain.  Going down the stairs, they found a huge room, golden columns supported the ceiling and a serene pool off to the side.

The party came across another wing of sabreclaws.  It was a smaller wing than they encountered earlier, but after a second wing joined, things began to heat up.  The mage and the ranger were surrounded by the creatures from the second wing.  This fight did not strain the resources nearly as much as the earlier encounter with a large wing of sabreclaws did.  The party may be lucky that there are no rules for flanking in this edition.

After combat, the part found magical healing properties in the pool of water.  Grimthain actually took a bath.  Cally was naked in the pool as well.  She stepped out of the pool and followed the party until she dip dried.  Everyone was able to resist staring though.

During the fight, a ranger joined in.  In the melee, he was not able to introduce himself, but after combat ended he joined in the healing powers of the pool and introduced himself.  He was on an adventure and was charmed by the enchantment on the river and was guarding a vast treasure.  The room to the northeast was filled with gold ingots.  More than the party could hold, even with their bag of holding.  Renlan, the ranger, joined up and followed along to the eastern room.

In the eastern room, the party found an underground river.  Venturing forth, they encountered the maze of the eye tyrant.  Encountering Dread Wraiths, the party knew something was laying in wait.  After making their way through the maze, they stumbled on a secret door.  When opened, a beholder was on the other side.  As combat began, more Dread Wraiths appeared from the walls and floor.

The beholder's eye rays started to take a toll on the party, and Davros cam up with a plan.  He brought the entire party back to his plane.  They materialized in a tavern.  Grimthain was the first to notice that there was a parallel universe with some of his old adventuring companions.  Lórien, Solaris, Callyn, and Kilborn were there having a drink.  Kilborn was able to get the message that he was tired of farming and bent to the responsibility he felt.  He is gathering an army to fight the demon he was partially responsible for bringing to Tarq, and asked for support from the party.  They also sensed that Lórien had clearly turned to evil.

Davros decided that Lórien needed to die, and began to fight him.  To the surprise of the party, Solaris joined in to help.  Solaris escaped the melee after Lórien was killed, so the party was unable to question him though.  In searching Lórien's loot, the party did come across another bag of holding.  The contents will help both the party and Kilborn's efforts.

We ended today's adventure in the tavern.  Grimthain made himself a whiskey and water with the water from the serene pool, and will find that although the healing properties are gone, it leaves no hang over.

Current level and XP

XP 380,000
Level 18


From the bag of holding:
500 pp
1500 gp
400 ep
2000 sp
Various gems worth 10,000 gp
4 earrings (worth 1100 gp)
3 gold bracelets (300 gp each)
1 Gold necklace with a diamond and sapphire pendant (worth 1200 gp)
+1 Plate mail
+1 Chainmail
+1 Leather armor
3 +1 shields
5 +1 Javelins
2 +1 Longswords
2 +1 daggers
+1 huge two handed sword
+1 Longsword
+1 Shortsword (+2 against giants)
28 +1 arrows
Boots of levitation
Potion of water breathing
Scroll of Feather Fall
Scroll of False Life
Scroll of Comprehend Languages
Scroll of Blur
Scroll of Mirror Image.

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