Sunday, April 7, 2013

Session 15


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf Druid
Grimthain - Dwarf Cletic

The Adventure

We started off the adventure in Phoroshi at the Rusty Nail Tavern.  Grimthain finally met up with Killborn, and was not in a mood to be friendly.  Theavaera stepped in with some diplomacy, and their conversation led to Killborn mentioning he was thinking about giving up a life of adventuring.  Kilborn found a small plot of land and thought it would be perfect for a farm and a beer brewery.

Kilborn turned over his prized axe to Grimthain, with the promise that he would try and unite it with the god of the dwarves.  As Grim touched the blade, a light blue glow started to emanate from it and engulfed Grim as well.  As the axe began to get attuned to its new owner, it gained some new features from the connection the cleric had to Rohrk.

Grim handed over his +1 battleaxe in return, just in case Kilborn needed to defend himself from anything, and the party set off on a quest to find the hops Kilborn would need in his new venture.

On the road, Thea spotted a group of Trimmicks, huge bipedal tree beast.  Thea's knowledge of nature told her that these chaotic evil creatures would not be open to conversation.  It was a long fight.  The Trimmicks animated some of the other trees, but Lórien kept the main group at bay with a stinking cloud while Thea chomped away at them in the form of a T-Rex.

After the fight, Thea found a Draconic Cape in the branches of one of the trees.  Grimthain had a fancy for it though, and out it on.  It is a good thing that the cape cannot get dirty, as Grim seems to enjoy playing in the mud.  Further down the road, Thea found the hops Kilborn was looking for and the party headed on to Kilborn's new farmstead.

With good wishes and a casting of Plant Growth, the party headed off again.  Kilborn promised a beer to the party if they came back in about five months.

Lórien was looking for another spell, and they headed to Tulara.  After a bit of research, he found Haste, and the party headed to Tulara Steak and Ale for the evening.  On entering, they found that the bounty board had a new posting.  A group of lightening tossing giants was raiding the countryside, and decimated the patrol that was sent after them.  250 gp and 3 chickens for the heads of the giants.

In the night an assassin showed up at the tavern.  Lórien noticed him as he tried to sneak into his room, and a fight broke out.  Thea and Grim joined quickly.  Grim dropped the dwarven turncoat, his axe slicing through chainmail and into flesh.  Thea ended things quickly by turning the assassin into a snail.

She could not get any satisfactory information out of said snail though, so she brought it out behind the tavern and dropped it into an ant hill.  Lórien was not so sure that they had gotten all of the information they could from the snail though, so with a quick mage hand he grabbed it and with a truth spell from Grim, they started questioning it again.

They learned that there are roving recruitment camps in the west now.  The enemy is gaining strength. The assassin laughed at the party's threats, and refused to offer any more information.  He was far more afraid of the new Air God than he was of anything the party could do to him.  With a cast of Feeble Mind by Thea, they let him go to wander the woods.

Heading out to track down the giant mentioned on the bounty board, the party found inclement weather.  Thea recognized the work of a storm giant, and they followed the storm to its source.  A huge storm giant and its two frost giant companions.  Things started out rough for Thea.  She was blasted by a critical hit, taking over 60 damage.

The tide quickly changed as Lórien cast the storm giant into a void.  Thea, as a T-Rex, and Grim took down the frost giants and the storm giant did not know what hit him, and was killed before he got the chance bring down even one lightening strike.

Among the loot, the party found a frost giant's belt of strength, thus ending the day's adventure.

Magic Items:

+1 Battleaxe
+1 Short sword
Belt of Giant Strength - Frost Giant type
Draconic Cape of Wisdom +1

XP Breakdown:

XP this session:  32,900
XP per person:  10966
XP til level: 16,162
Total campaign XP per person:  79,838

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