Monday, November 25, 2013

Session 42

Session 42


Vincent Tigersoul

The adventure

We began the day on the first level of Anforn Cavern.  Grimthain finally caught up with the party.  Hekping out with Kilborn's Regiment took more time than he had planned and the rest of the group started ridding Anforn of undead before he arrived.

The first room was fulled with skeletons.  There were enough to overpower the group, but Grimthian took them out en masse with a turn undead.  The next fight was not so easy.  Two Necromants were waiting in the next room, and they began to cast some high powered spells.  Fireballs and blight rained down on the party.

A well placed silence spell helped to finish things quickly.  The party searched the surrounding caves and found a bit of loot among the decaying remains.  Heading east and north into a side cavern, both of the squishies were running on ahead.  Grim put a stop to that and was the first into the northwestern room.  He set off a Force Cage that summoned Hamatula, the Barbed Devil.

Hamatula could barely damage Grim.  Grim banished the devil, but it was prevented from going to its home plane by the magic of the force cage.  The cage was brought down quickly after that and the devil was put down though.

Venturing south, Davros activated a second trap, and the entire area filled with a cloud of stinking vapor.  A thunderwave took care of dispersing it though.

Heading west, the party came across a Pit Fiend.  Three more barbed devils were summoned and the pit fiend started to rain down fireballs.  Davros, and Grimthain were battling in the front lines, really doing damage.  The summoned devils were taking their toll on the ranger and Vincent.  At a critical moment, Vincent was able to banish the devil and the fight was won.

Heading south, the party holed up in a room and is currently taking an extended rest until our next session.


Winged boots
Necklace of fireballs (7 beads)
Deep red sphere Ioun stone (+1 to dex)

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