Thursday, December 27, 2012

House Rules

House Rules

1. Players win on a tie.  This means that if a player ties a monster's AC on a hit, it is a hit.  If a monster ties a players AC on an attack roll, it is a miss.

2. Vancian Spellcasting - Vancian spells (anything but cantrips) are spells prepared in advance.  You can cast any spell you have prepared for any number of your spell slots.  For example, if a first level wizard with three spell slots prepared Magic Missile, Sleep, and Thunderwave, they could cast one of each, one spell three times, or any combination of the two.

3.  Extended rests and healing - Extended rests heal all HP.

After the session, I checked the rules and it looks like I didn't need to house rule either rule #2 or #3.  Resting is detailed on p. 18 of 'How to Play', and spell casting is detailed on p. 27 of the 'classes' pdf.  Both #2 and #3 are RAW, so there is no need for house rules there.

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