Thursday, July 18, 2013

Session 29


Lórien - Elf Wizard
Theavaera - Elf DruidGrimthain - Dwarf Cleric
Vincent - Human Paladin

Bruce - Forest Gnome Rogue

The Adventure

Our adventuring day started off at the defiled Sacred Grove.  As the party traveled north up the river, they succumbed to a shared dream.  A huge storm giant attacked from the east.  Then a red dragon joined the fray, followed by a huge beholder.  When all the PCs died, they woke up in a cold sweat, the last memory of the dream being a huge black rabbit with three old crones riding on it.  They were laughing as they rode off into the distance.

Heading further north, the party came across an Inn in the forest.  The Blue Lion Tavern is a well known rest stop for loggers and miners who work in the area.  The bartender was a rare sight in the land, an half-orc named Korgak.  He happily went about his business washing glasses behind the counter and serving up whiskey to Grimthain.  He was both happy and surprised to see the sheer amount of flasks that Grim was carrying on him as he filled each of them.

Topping off the bag of holding was shot down by Lórien though.  Either he didn't want everything to get wet, or he didn't like the idea of salty whiskey.  

To be continued.  (I wrote this a few days ago, and might not have time to finish, just wanted to get a slight update in.)

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