Friday, July 5, 2013

Session 27

Howdy guys.  Been a hell of a week.  I am just going to post the loot for last session so I can get to preparing tomorrow's session.  Not listed is the ship of earth and sea, an ancient artifact that you came across at the end of last session.  You also came across another clue:


Gem of seeing (See magic item pdf)
Scroll of cone of cold
Scroll of raise dead
Scroll of waterbreathing
Potion of displacement
Potion of neutralize poison
Potion of remove curse
Potion of strength
A silver necklace

Mundane Loot:

764 gp
412 pp
Carved jade tiles (900 gp)
Silver lettering from a coffin (40 gp)
2 Ancient gold coins (worth 50 gp tp a collector, or 1 gp each to anyone else)
Fire opal (1000 gp)
Silver-filigreed walnut box (850 gp)
2 gold candilabra (700 gp each)
4 Silver coffin handles( 50 gp each)
4 Platinum bracelets (400 gp each)
Gorget (1200 gp)
3 rings bearing the heads of a pig, camel, and a hippo (350 gp each)
Gold circlet (500 gp)
Fanged mask (1350 gp)
Ornate platinum breastplate set with 6 peridots (5000 gp)
Jade and ivory ring (420 gp)

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